12 Days Late And Neg Hpt

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steph23 - October 15

I"m 12 days late now, I just took a ept this morning still neg. I've also taken 2 prior to that one at the clinic and clear blue. I really don't know what is going on.. my nipples are sore and red, br___t fill full and heavy, nose stopped up, tired. and just really confused... What should i do? how long should i wait to test again?


Cheyl - October 15

I think you should go for blood test. The same is happening with me. Today I had been to the Doctor he told me to do a blood test.


steph23 - October 15

thank you cheyl. well i guess i will go for a blood test mon.. please keep me posted on your results..


to steph 23 - October 15

hi! i was 20 days late for af before i got a positive result...hang in there, it should happen soon! good luck to you, and lots of baby dust!


Bethany - October 15

I was 13 days late with 3 neg. hpts...got af for two days....really light, and now nothing again.....not really sure what's going on either!!!


steph23 - October 16

bethany.... I'm really not sure either.. but as the person before you said she waited 20 days before getting a pos.. so i guess just hang in there with me.. lots of waiting huh? I'm so tired of it.. Who would of ever knew it would be this hard.. lol I'm jus really glad that this website is here so we have the support of other people going through the same thing.. let me know what happens with you...


steph23 - October 16

sorry just trying to keep it moving up to get more answers and thoughts ... thanks


Ana - October 16

"To steph 23": You waited 20 days before you got a positive...wow. Did you feel any symptoms within this time? Did you take a blood test, or just urine tests? Are you still pregnant now? Did you have trouble with your hcg doubling? Tell me more! Thanks. :0)


to ana from steph - October 17

I'm only on day 15.. i've taken 3 urine test, one at the health department,clearblue and ept. the lady below cheyl was the one that was at day 20 before she got a positive.. I'm going to have a blood test done on the 23. Right now though my semptoms are really really firm b___st, nipples are always pointing, nipples are getting darker, stuffy nose, some slight pain in the lower belly every once in a while, getting sick to my tummy everyonce in a while but doesn't last long, my lower belly looks bigger, and i've gained 3pds in the last 2 weeks! eeekkk.. I just know i've got to be prego, cuz my b___st have never been this way before. ... I hope anyways.. I'll keep you updated ana on the results.. are you have the same trouble?


bump - October 17



crystal - October 30

Hi I am feeling the same way. i am only a week late but have like every sign. still I got a neg. It's so annoying.



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