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Nickelye - June 27

(1st time TTC) The 1st day of my last AF was 6/01 - since then my DH and I have been going at it (the most was 4x a day!) My s_x drive is usually SOO high - that DH can't even keep up - I can get turned on by just a simple kiss! This is what I've recorded so far: 4-6 DPO - lightening strike-like cramps, tender br___ts 7 DPO - sore throat, tender bbs, had to be in bed by 9pm, 8 DPO - sore throat, tender bbs, had to be in bed by 9pm, CANNOT get wet for DH (Tried EVERYTHING), wierd dreams 9-10 DPO - sore throat, (AF?) cramps, tender bbs, brown spotting on panties all day, extremely tired in afternoon, wierd dreams no cm Since 8 DPO - no CM, no wetness for DH! Last night (sorry of TMI) but I was soo frustrated that I had to play w/myself-I was DRY the WHOLE time - even after I had the big O. This is my theory, I'm either pregnant and the Mucous plug is doing such a good job at plugging my CM - that I can no longer get wet... or... my body is not functioning like normal and I have to have my DR. pry open my cervix so that all my CM will drip out! Am i crazy? Can you relate to me???? Please reply, your thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!


rhamel - June 27

Your cervix doesn't need to be open to get wet, your v____al walls produce moisture. It's probably psychological (i get this problem often because i'm just thinking too hard) try to just not stress out... if dh is getting antsy just use some lube. Alot of women actually have increased cm at the very beginning of their pregnancy.


Lin - June 27

Have you recently stopped taking birth control? By the way, do NOT take rhamel's advice about using lube, because it kills sperm. If you really think you need lube, then get Preseed. It's specially developed to be sperm-friendly.


Rhonda - June 27

Also do not use saliva,because that can kill sperm also.


JessicaC - June 27

Saliva can kill sperm??? Wow, you learn something new every day!


Rhonda - June 27

I have heard that plain water can kill sperm as well.But ya saliva defeintly(sp)dose.


Nickelye - June 28

Ahh... Is this good news? DH and I tried to BD tonight... I was soo dry, but when DH "pulled out" there was a blob (TMI) of creamy.. lotiony... type cm...???


Lin - June 28

Once again, have you recently stopped birth control?


Nickelye - June 28

Lin, I stopped using BC a little over a year ago...


kristie h - June 28

Sorry for b___ting in girls and i know ppl with think this is such a stupid ?? But i have heard and read that you can use raw egg white around the time you ovulate if you have lack of cm. Is this true?? and has anyone else herd of it? I dont mind if no one answers as i know its stupid but i just had to ask.


slowpoke01 - June 28

i saw on another post where a girl said she did that but i dont think that i would try it i would do like lin says and use preseed i see alot of women using it on here and they really brag on it as for the egg whites they have said not to eat raw egg because of some type of bacteria or something that can make you sick so i would think the same thing would happen if you put it there..lol..there my opinion so maybe lin or someone would know more about it than me


Rhonda - June 28

Using egg whites might give you an infection,i would never use it.



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