12 DPO Neg HPT Lots Of Symptoms Help

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babydreams - January 7

Hi ladies, I'm new here, and would love your feedback. I'm 3 months TTC, now on 12 DPO (AF usually comes at 13 DPO, or so it has in the past two months of charting). For the first time in my life, I've been having post-ovulatory pinching pains in abdomen. I never get cramps before AF, just weird radiating back pain that feels like I may have to have a bowel movement (sorry, TMI). Now, these pinching pains started around 7 dpo. My temps, as of 12 dpo, are still high, but no visable triphasic curve. The weird thing is I've had several instances of a stretching, burning, itching feeling on either side of my stomach for the past few days. Lots of CM, too. And I've been very weepy. All of this and consistent BFNs for five days. Anyone in the same boat? Still, no br___t soreness at all. That's what's making me worry ....


Deb - January 7

I had sore b___sts every month after O when I was ttc. The month I got pregnant, they were NOT sore. Mild cramping is also common in early pregnancy. Keep testing until BFP or AF shows up.


Seredetia - January 7

babydreams: I felt much the same way this past month and I SWORE I was pregnant...my body did some VERY strange things and I was absolutely convinced. Even my fiancee and coworkers believed me to be pregnant. The symptoms you describe are very similar to mine. The only thing is, I think the changes in my body were reflecting a cycle change, NOT pregnancy. Many who have these symptoms ARE pregnant, however, so it sounds very positive though. I would wait until your AF is about a week late and then test. I wish *I'd* have taken this advice! (would have saved me so much money)


SaraD - January 8

Babydreams-I am not sure when I O'd this month but I am due for AF this Friday the 13th.I just had a little of the burning/cramping feeling in my sides but now it is gone.I am having all of the normal pg symptoms.I have a blood test on Monday.I took an hpt today and it was neg.Good luck and keep me posted and I'll do the same!


babydreams - January 8

Hi ladies. Thanks so much for your encouragement. Sad news: I woke up this a.m. with a funny feeling (very restless night) and sure enough, AF came. I feel so depressed, especially because I know, apparently, have NO IDEA what to expect re: pregnancy symptoms. I was so ready for this to be my month. So hopeful! We did everything right. It's upsetting. I'm probably taking this too hard, but it's a big let down. Bt, Seredetia, hearing your story was helpful. I guess I'm not the only one who has been in this boat! : ) I have longer cycles -- 35-38 days, so it makes this whole thing seem so long! I hate the waiting! Also, I'm starting to feel that, only after 3 months, that the TTC thing is so hard and stressful. I'm considering taking a month off from temping and charting ... just to see. SarahD, keep us posted on your progress.



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