13 Dpo And Due For AF The 18th Or 19th

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johanna - February 17

we needed a new thread, it was just getting too long. today i'm excited about the whole possibility, because my temps are the highest they have ever been. no significant veins like la rae and some others, but i have NOT had spotting yet, which i usually get a few days before AF. unless my luteal phase is longer than 14 days, which i don't think it is. so: this morning i'm excited! how are you ladies doing???


MandyD - February 17

I'm hanging in there...just overwhelmed by confusion and unanswered questions!


claire - February 17

i got AF today. I'm gutted. I'm a day early too. Anyway, new month, new chance - positive thinking might help me fall pg next month. Good luck johanna & everyone else with symptoms. I even had blue veins - how weird is that??!! When are you gonna test??! I'm excited for you.


jb - February 17

johanna, i too am due for AF on saturday the 19th..hoping it stays away!! i have to use donor sperm ttc and it gets very expensive each month.. the only symptom i have is clear cm..hoping its a good sign ..keep in touch,,nice to have a cycle buddy..maybe preggo buddies too?


johanna - February 17

claire, oh no!! i'm so sorry. a day early? that biyatch, excuse my language. have a quite non-obsessing weekend, and a big hug. MandyD: are you due around the 18th or 19th as well? jb: i think i'm due tomorrow, but an online chart fertility website i use says saturday. so we'll see. clear cm is supposed to be a very good sign! good luck to you all!


MandyD to Johanna - February 17

Hey Johanna - no, I'm not due 18th or 19th...actually I have no idea when I'm due, as I haven't had a period since Nov. I've been to the dr (last week) and urine test was neg, so she sent me for blood work...should be getting those results anytime now. I have been following you & LaRae though, so I thought I'd get in on this thread. I think it sounds like you & her both are pg this time! I would be VERY shocked if either or neither of you are...seems like so many signs are pointing to POS! I hope you are...good luck! STAY AWAY AF!!! : )


La Rae - update! - February 17

I just got back from the bathroom (been going twice an hour now!) I got clear, thick cm and I stretched it between my fingers and I SWEAR it stretched half an inch! PLEASE someone tell me this is a GOOD sign. Incidentally, my online monthly cycle chart has my af coming tomorrow - but when I count on the calender, it's today. I've been dead-on for the past 5 months doing it on my own, so I really do believe that if I don't get af today - I am good to go! If I don't - I am testing again tomorrow morning! Please someone tell me that cm I just saw is a GOOD sign. I had two blobs of it and it did have a slight yellow-looking tint to it - it freaked me out a little...to tell you the truth. Baby Dust to all! Claire - I'd keep an eye on your af - I got my IB with my son a day early and it was 'nothing' and lasted only 3 days. I'll pray for you!


johanna - February 17

clear thick CM??? oh, that is an awesome sign! how exciting. i am keeping my finger's crossed for you. mandy -- that must be really stressful, not knowing what is going on. how do you feel about the whole thing? good luck to you all!


johanna - February 17

i'm freaked out. i have total AF cramps right now. i can't deal with this you guys.


to La Rae - February 17

in another post you just got done saying you had thick cm but it was chunky?


deanne - February 17

i really hope things work out for you La Rae. it really sounds like you are hoping so much that your brain is playing with you.. you are having cm,,dont go by that ..i was sooo sure i was pregnant,,i had all the same symptoms as you ,so i thought,, even the b___st thing and AF came. i didnt even think about getting pregnant for awhile and thats when it happened.. no symptoms at all..not one,,just missed my period and went to the doctors and a blood test came back positive..i am now 12 weeks and still no symptoms,, noe veins, no bumps on b___st,, had ultrasound done and baby is doing fine,,,hang in there and just have fun trying..it will work when you least expect it...and i have a low bbt too so go figure..we are all different i guess.


La Rae - February 17

I did - but it changed within just a few hours. If I feel up just a little past my cervix I get the thick, kind of clear cm - but along the sides it's a little creamy. My cervix has also been changing position throughout the day. Deanne: You had the bumps AND the veins? Even on your lower ab area? I am starting to get them there. IF there is ONE thing about my b___bs that I KNOW is different than 'af b___bs' it's the fact that they aren't swollen and sensitive right now. They are just HEAVY feeling, that is it. I had s_x on my O day and two days prior to that - If I am not pg then I know it's me, because my dh is just 'fine' in that department. Oh and when I discovered the change in my cm - that is why I was so shocked. I expected to see chunky, white cm (or af) - and instead I saw what looks like 'snot'. Not even my O cm looks like what I saw earlier today. And it DID have a slight (very slight) yellow-ish tint to it. Johanna: the af cramps COULD be something else and you know it! Hang in there! I have had lower back menstrual-like pain off and on today, but nothing major. Just keep praying, and I will do the same! God's will be done...


johanna - February 17

i know you are right - it could be something else.... i'm just really nervous about this. :) well, we all should know in a few days. here's hoping for lots of BFPs!!!!


MandyD to johanna - February 17

girl, i don't know how to feel about it...all i know is i'm just confused! i called the dr earlier and they said they'd call me back with the results of my bloodwork, b/c they hadn't even gotten them from labcorp - what in the heck are those labcorp ppl doing!? it's hard for me to think that i'm not pg, b/c i have so many symptoms...but then again, she didn't give me any reason to think i was. i just don't know, and i'm tired of not knowing!


Alexis - February 17

La Rae, I've been reading your post and you sound very hopeful and I pray for you that you are. But you were saying that you had clear stretchy cm I get that when I'm gonna start my period. But hopefully It's not the case for you. I hope you do get the BFP that you've been waiting for.


johanna - February 17

someone talk me out of buying another test today and wasting money.... i don't want to be disappointed. if i just wait until saturday - and if AF still isn't there - then i should test, right?? mandy, your wait is going to be annoying. i'm so sorry! but let's hope that the response is what you are hoping for! :)


MandyD - February 17

yes, johanna, if AF doesn't come when she's supposed to...TEST! I'm really hoping your pg...fingers crossed for you! Yes, the wait is getting annoying...it wasn't so bad Dec & Jan, but now that I actually went to the dr for answers, and she couldn't give me any...that's the annoying part. This is our 7th month ttc, so I really want to get a BFP! Not looking good though. : (



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