15 And Maybe Baby Please Help

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Mb - January 10

Alright...I am 15, and on December 31 I was drinking and my boyfriend and ended up having s_x for the first time. I had a normal period (that lasted for about 5 days)on December 12th, and recently started again on January 9th (thats 29 days) But when i first started it wasn't really blood more like a dark brown color, and now there is some blood, it's not really light but not heavy either. Since the 31st I have been Nauseaus, dizzy, I've had bad headaches, I always have to use the restroom, Sometimes certain smells make me feel sick to my stomach, I had an increase in discharge, I'm eating more than usual (maily craving sweets, which is not normal) I had slight fevers earlier in the week and now my temp has dropped to below normal, I had a sharp pain in my ribs on the 7th (sorta like a bruising feeling) I took two of the New Choice pregnancy tests one the 7th, and one on the 8th also but both were negative. don't know if it's just my period acting up or maybe it was to early to take the tests, because I know some people have their period, while pregnant. Did this Happen to anyone else? What should I do? Please help me.


Ka__si - January 10

Well I would give it a few more days. I have had some of those signs before and not been but yes thoughs are some signs. As for the actual blood, that can be normal.


ekay - January 10

Have protected s_x, please!!!!! Babies really aren't always fun and cute. Trust me.


Mb - January 10

ekay, yeah trust me that was the only time and last time unprotected. I was not aware that it was unprotected though, because I was intoxicated, if I wasn't I would still be a virgin. But all I can do now is take it as a learning experiance. Trust me I know I'm not ready for children, I still have two and a half years of high school, and then college, and then marriage, and then kids. But thanks for the advice.


angie - January 10

Hey girl! i have had the same thing goin on with me. I had my regular period, then my next one was light. I always have to use the bathroom to, but that could just be stress. try not to freak out, stress only delays periods. Your 15, so am i, and i have come to learn that our bodies will start changing and this is about the age it starts. breathe... take another test. Its probably all in your head


kat - January 11

it would be too early to test,i know its hard waiting but it might be best to wait and see what your next period is like then test again and go from there.i think im pregnant,ive had symptoms and my last 2 periods have been lighter and shorter but testing neg,im going to the doctors later to see whats going on with me!



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