15 And Might Be Pregnant Please Answer

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christina - October 13

late june maybe early july i had s_x around 8 times unprotected with my boyfriend.in july i think my period was late.i had it like two weeks laterb it was bright red from what i remember.then in august it was late and unusually short.i usually have it for 7-8 days this time it was only 4-5 days.and only one time there was alittle clot.i didnt have no cramps or backpains.since my period came i didnt think i was pregnant but then i realized that a shorter or delayed period could be a sign also i had some symptoms.like after i would go pee and walked away it felt like more was coming.i was getting very mild cramps.sensitivity to some smells off and on.nausea and bloating to where i felt like crying off and on.a mucus like discharge then a white cramy then dry discharge and a very watery discharge.and i was constipated off and on then very loose and gassy.ive never seen these little white bumps before and now i have them around my areola.my br___t have been sore off and on and today really sore.also i got this quick sharp pain in my right area not menstural cramps or anything tho.and sometimes i get these sharp quick pains up my va___a but not like a infection or anything.and ive been really moody.one minute ill be happy then irritated mad depresed or sad.also i felt like a tightning pain.and sometimes it feels like im about to start but i dont.and one time i felt like butterflies in my stomach what could that be?if i am pregnant i think im about 9 maybe 10 weeks pregnant.i usually weigh 110-115 and im 4'11 but now i weigh 120 but i dont seem to see any notices in my stomach.but when i push it out it looks like im pregnant and hard but when i suck it in it doesnt so i dont know.i took like 5 hpt and they all said negative.also im strting to notice the veins in my br___t.does it sound like im pregnant?maybe its all in my head i dont know.please tell me what you think.


kaydee - October 13

stress can also delay ur period ... maybe ur jus stressing to hard thing ur prenant so its messing up ur cycle..thats jus my thought


christina - October 13

i havent been stressing tho.


Viv - October 13

That's an awful lot of pregnancy symptoms to be imagining. I think its time to go to a clinic or the doc and get a blood test.


annick - October 14

hmm sounds like you may have given this a little too much thought... you may be stressing yourself out over nothing! believe me i know how easy it is to imagine things! it really sounds likea lot of PMS symptoms but after that many - tests you've taken really i'm with Viv, your best bet is to get a blood test done and set your mind at ease. relax girl don't overdue it


christina - October 14

the thing is i know how women imagine it but i didnt.i havebt imagined none of these symptoms.i havent had the same symptoms before my period as i do now.but thanks for the advice anyways im going to the doctor on friday to know for sure.


jen - October 19

i had my first baby at the age of 16. it was so hard to tell my parents. what are your plans if you are?


Grace - October 29

I feel exactly d same as u. Im getng my blood test dis week so il kip u posted. Meanwhile u take care of urself!



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