15 And Possibly Pregnant NEED ADVICE PLEASE

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cynthia - October 1

i had s_x around 8 times unprotected from late june.i think i missed my period and it came a week late whenitcame normal so i didnt think i was pregnant.but when the next time my period was supposed to come it was late again i think and was shorter i usually have my period for 7-8 days this time it was 4-5 days so i started to think i might be.to add on i was feeling like i wanted to throw up so bad i wanted to cry and i felt very bloated off and on.i get reallyemotional.like mood swings.some smells make me wanna throw up.i dont usually get sore br___t before my period but lately ive been getting sore br___t off and on and it looks like the areola on one breat tho is getting bigger and have these little white bumps and looks like more is coming.and ive been having mild cramps all month but doesnt really feel like menstrual cramps tho ive felt like i was about to have my period but havent had one this month.i was supposed to have it two weeks ago.also ive been having sharp pains in my va___a not like a infection tho.but ive taken like 6 hpt test and they all come out negative.i dont have money to see a doctor and if im pregnant the babys daddy isnt around.also i was very constipated at first then it became loose.and i got this unusual discharge like a mucus type and now a creamy type.does it sound like im pregnant.im 15 and need some advice.i dont wanna talk to my dad untill i know for sure and i dont live with my mom.....so what can i do?


cynthia - October 1

oh and i just wanna add on the second period that was shorter only one time a little clot came out but no cramps at all.could that been a miscarriage?


cynthia - October 1

also ive been getting cravings off and on....and sometimes when i pee and get up and walk feels like more is coming...and sometimes i feel a fluttering feeling in my lower stomach and ive been ga__sy....is this normal...sorry for so many questions i just wanna know what you think...


Jenna - October 1

well first off, stop being stupid having unprotected s_x at 15 let alone with a loser. second of all i doubt your pregnant. when you think you could be you can get yourself so into it that you develop symptoms. go to a free clinic like planned parenthood, and theyll give you all the confidential help youll need and refer you to free womens services for a check up.


cynthia - October 1

ok jenna thanks for the advice but ive talked to other woman for there advice to and they say most likely i am.just because im 15 doesnt mean i dont know what im doing.maybe i wanna have a baby.you dont know my situation and if u did u would know im mature for my age.you cant just tell me not to be stupid and judge me without knowing me.can "thinking"im pregnant delay my period?prolly not aight.ive raise my three little sisters and im sure i can raise one of my own.so when i had s_x i wasnt being stupid i knew what i was getting myself into and yea the guys a looser but sometimes girls fall for loosers.i didnt ask for any type of put down or some type of lecture.i asked for advice.but thanks anyways.


Jenna - October 1

well little girl lemme tell you something. Im 20 yrs old and i got pregnant at 17 by some loser. So dont tell me you can raise a baby cause ya got three little sisters. And why in the hell would you want a baby? little girl you dont know the first thing. and no, youre not mature for your age, you think you are. you cant get a job or support your child, and obviously no one else will. You need to wisen up girl and realize you can be something. Cause ill tell you something that youll believe when you get there. At 15, you cant get on welfare, youre not old enough. And you cant work either, unless your gonna babysit, and tell me girl how are you gonna do that with YOUR baby to take care of thats gonna take every waking let alone sleeping minute of your day. You need to have goals, and they shouldnt include having a baby.


ray - October 1

i have just been reading your arguement on here and i'm sorry for saying this but jenna is right i'm 23 years old i have 3 kids and might be pregnant again do you really want a baby at 15 as i had my first daughter at 16 and i will tell you it is horrible i have no life i haven't been out with my friends in 5 years once you have a baby your friends don't want to know you as they want to live there life so you end up on your own all i do is take one daughter to school in the morning then my other daughter wakes up then i have to sort her out then my baby wakes up then sort her out then i have my house to clean then by the time i have done dinner it's time for bed then when i get up it starts all again i have no gcse as my school wouldn't let me take them as i was pregnant sometimes i wish i was dead as i feel i have no life oh and i bought my brother up and i thought that i knew everything but untill you have a baby you really don't know anything i'm not being nasty i just don't want to here in 10 years time that you have ended up like me it really isn't worth it honest love ray xx


Viv - October 2

Cynthia, I'm pretty sure you are pregnant, not sure how many weeks but it sounds like more than a few. Is there a Health Department you can get to in the county seat? Planned Parenthood is going to want money that you may not have. I would be happy to hear from you at [email protected] and we can try to work through your options.


jaime - April 8

I am not sure if you are prego or not, but I wanted to tell you that Iam a little sad by the way people are talking to you, and I also wanted to encourage you and give you hope if you are preg. I was put up for adoption 28 years ago by my 17 year old birth mother and have had an excellent life and Iam so greatful that she gave me the gift of life. Iam 28 years old and at the age of 25 I found my birth mother. She went through a christian organization (even thought she is not a christian) and I have the most awsome parents now thanks to her. Surround yourself with positive people, life is already hard enough, don't be so hard on yourself. If you are not preg. then make the decision not to put yourself in that situation again. I know that when I find myself in difficult situations I rely on my Heavenly Father for guidance and strength, He forgives and loves me no matter what... but that is me. You will be in my prayers. Happy mother of three :)


Jes - April 8

Me and my sister both went to planned parenthood. Here in my area, OH, you can take a preg test there for $10. They also have a special finacial plan, so that if you are a student they'll cut you a huge break on the cost of Control pills, and they always give away free condoms!!!


mulgajill - April 9

Firstly i find it hard to imagine living somewhere where you cant get free healthcare if you cant afford ot pay for it... there must be some free clinic. Secondly I find it amazing young people are having unprotected s_x (pregnancy being the least of my concerns... genital herpes/warts, hiv, just to name a few). With all those great condoms around (colored, flavored, fluoro) it would be fun just shopping for them... i reckon i would go for glow in the dark. Thirdly... I wouldn't say i personally approve (but that is just my opinion) of having babies so young, though a girlfriend of mine, now in her 30's had her son at 16 and with a bit of help from her family managed well enough ... did some part-time study and part-time work and even found a bit of time for the occa__sional party/fun. Hope it works out well for you Cynthia whichever way things turn out. And Ray, goodness me... raising kids can be a bit of a drag... but i think instead of staying home and doing stuff with them... GO OUT and drag kiddies along and get little ones doing stuff with you... whether it's a peace march, a beer at the local irish pub, or just dancing to music at home.... I just walk out and leave the mess... it will still be there when i get home... Life Is For Living... not Cleaning!!! Also Ray, try making some older friends (ones who have kids already) and if you want to get a bit of education there are online courses you can do... quite alot of free ones, i did a website design one recently, free, (mindleaders i think it was)... great fun and feel like i have achieved a little something....



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