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jmzalvarez - July 12

hi im julie my last period started on june 29 and lasted 3 days as usual. my boyfriend and i had s_x on the fourth of july and the condom broke. ive done the research and i know that my chances of being pregnant are very slim but im still pretty worried. i've been fine all week but this morning i became extremely nauseaus out of no where. the nausea lasted all day and is still bothering me now. is it possible to be experiencing morning sickness this early or am i just stressing myself out? i'm one month short of my 16th birthday and im scared out of my mind. can anyone help?


emmajayne - July 12

Julie, no offence intended but if you were so worried in the first place it would have been wise to take the morning after pill. It is possible to experience symptoms so early, I am currently experiencing symptoms myself although I am actually hoping for a positive result. Unfortunately you will really have to wait now until you either skip or get your next period. Good luck and in future I would suggest to be a little more careful and prepared.


Grandpa Viv - July 12

On a 28 day cycle you would expect to be ovulating right about now, and the stress of your s_xual adventure may be accentuating the hormone surge. Your research on the chance of pregnancy is correct. Please quit worrying about this event, and start planning for better protection the next time around. Read scarleteen.com for info on better condom use. Good luck!


momtoaandk - July 13

You dont have anything to be worried about. It was too far ahead of the time that ovualation occurred, sperm can only live for up to 5 days, sometimes seven, if the conditions are right, and they usually arent. Dont worry about it deary, even if you guys had your little accident closer to ovulation, there is still only a 20% chance of getting pregnant, thats if everything is timed perfectly. Thats what we are all TRYING to do on this board, lol!



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