15 Dpo BFN

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milwaukee30 - November 19

Hi All! This is my first time actually asking a question but have been reading all of your comments obsessively for the last week because of my situation and it all has been very helpful!! Thanks! On to my current situation...I am br___tfeeding my 7 month old daughter and my periods returned at a regular pace when she was three months old. I am now one day late for my period and 15 dpo. I had s_x around ovulation time but I was on top (make a difference?). I had some really strong pg symptoms early on starting at 4 dpo (strange I know). Now they have subsided somewhat but not completely. I am just not sure what to do b/c if I am pg then I want to go to get prenatals right away. Keep getting BFN...have taken two FRER and one CBE...all negative including the one I took today. My main symptom is nausea. My daughter is not exclusively br___tfed...she gets cereal and another veggie two times a day. Any advice??? Would greatly appreciate it!!


mom_of_1 - November 19

You could still be prego and just not testing pos yet, many women dont get a pos until 1 week late (even if you got it sooner with your Daguther it could be diff this time) You could start taking Prenatals now anyway, they are good for you and your daughter, and if you are trying to get prego again it is better to start them now (So my Dr says). Maybe if still no period in 2 days test again since that is about how long it takes for the hcg to double. Good luck and keep us posted!


MAC_33 - November 19

I continued to take prenatal vitamins the entire 6 months that I b___stfed my son...it's very good for both of you...or maybe I should say all three! Oh yeah, and being on top does not make a difference :o) Good Luck!


milwaukee30 - November 19

thanks so much! I am going to call my dr. and get the prenatals right away...should have been taking them this whole time I guess! will test again in two days and provide update...or if AF shows will let you know that too!



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