15 Year Old In Need Of Advice

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carmel - November 19

I am a 15 year old girl who is seeking advice on my situation i am in. So who ever is reading please respond to what i am saying any suggestions will help me! I had un protected s_x on Nov. 11th. My last per ended Nov 10 and started Nov. 5th. When i had s_x with this boy... he isnt my boy friend. just somone i had s_x with and i think i might possibly be pregnant even know its too early to tell. I do have tender br___ts. uranate more frequently. and abdomonel pains! and other symptoms...my advice i am seeking is if i am pregnant and i sound like it how do i tell my boy friend that i am? i cheated on him for another guy and i know my boy friend will break it off with me. and i dont want to lose him because hes the only thing keeping me from harming my self when i am depressed and we already talked about our future togather. So please respond back to me and tell me what i can do, or what you would do in my situation.. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I APPRECIATE YOU TAKING TIME OUT TO READ THIS AND TO HOPEFULLY RESPOND BACK!!!


sue - November 19

im in a similar predicament myself darlin,i had s_xual intercourse last weekend + have to had the same symptoms as your self. im not sure if it's possible to have symptoms so early on but goodluck with the outcome whatever it may be + whatever you decide to do. im sorry i couldnt be of any help just thought i'd let you know im feeling the same way. sue


mia - November 19

You are most likely not pregnant. If you started your period on the 5th of November and had s_x on the 11th of November, then you were not yet ovulating. You have to count from your first day of your period 10-14 days from that day you ovulate, you are MOST fertile on days 13/14. Counting from Nov. 5th that is only 6 days.


tina - November 19

I'm thinking along the same lines as Mia... one month I was so obsessed with wondering if I was pregnant or not, that I either gave myself symptoms or imagined them, because I wasn't. Don't stress out about it just yet. Can your bf find out about the other guy from him (do they know each other)?


at - November 19

how long is your normal cycle? Only if you have a two week cycle would you possibly be pregnant. And I wouldn't rule out any symptoms per say, but it could be your mind because you are stressing about it like the other two ladies say. Wait and find out before you go rusing to tell anybody anything. good luck


Jessie - November 20

Nobody can tell u if u pregnant, we can only tell u wut we think. Listen, my adivce to u, from a pregnant 16 yr. old... try to get a pregnancy test. If it says that you are pregnant, tell your boyfriend. I dont know wut to tell you about u cheating on him... but get that pregnancy test. If he meant ANYTHING to you, u would have never cheated.. but thats just me. handle that ma... bye


Grandpa Viv - November 21

For those ladies who think you can't get pregnant from s_x on day 6 of your cycle, your opinion is not supported by research. Sperm can last 5 days in the female reproductive tract, and ovulation can be days earlier than expected, especially in a woman as young as Carmel. For Carmel, take your time! Early pregnancy loss is not uncommon, so wait until you have missed a regular period by a full week before taking a home test (if you can get hold of one). I hope you are taking medication for your depression, and that your home situation is not so messed up that you are unable to turn to your parent(s) for help. I will answer mail to [email protected] if you need someone to talk to.


peachez - December 8

gurl y u cheated on such a faithfull lovin boy he didnt deserve that so really its your fault


angela - December 8

Usually you can not become pregnant until 12 to 14 days after the first day of your period. (so based on the info you gave, are probably not pregnant) Don't jump the gun, all of those "symptoms" can be because you are going to ovulate soon. About the self mutilation, you should get help. Check out Dr. Phil's web site, http://www.drphil.com/show/show.jhtml?contentId=3003_extremebehaviors.xml he did a show on cutters, maybe you can join their support group. I don't think you are pregnant, but you need to get help for whatever else you are dealing with.


angela - December 8

forgot to mention...i am on pregnancy # two, I have 28 day cycles, this was a planned pregnancy so i was counting days, I did not ovulate until 19 days after....you never know


Jessica - December 16

Hi , i just wanted to say i know exactly what you are going through. I was with my boyfriend for a year. when he went off to basic training . I cheated on him before he came home. I got pregnant. One night when he called me i told him what had happened. well he begged me not to break up with him but i had to . See the guy i cheated on him with was a good friend of mine who wanted to marry me as soon as i turned 16. Well I never got married and i lost not only the love of my life but my babys dad. and here i am 8 weeks pregnant and no one to help me. I would personally sit my boyfriend down tell him that you were with someone else and before he freaks out on you tell him you love him if you really do. and say i dont know how to say this but im pregnant. If he asks if its his say no and tell him what happened. thats all you can do. sincerly,Jessica of colorado.


sarah - December 23

hey.. im 15 and a few hours ago i found out i was pregnant...me and my boyfriend had s_x once...protected... however pregnancy test was positive... i know what you want to hear right now is a__surance that you arent pregnant.... but i think you should start thinking about your options now... because from your post...it isnt looking to good... but good luck and i suggest you talk to someone right away...like a close friend who you can really trust (a girl i think would be a better choice) because that will help you alot to deal with the stress you are feeling right now.. well goodluck...


helper - December 23

Hun, i dont mean to sound mean, but its important to talk to your boyfriend and be honest with him. Its not fair to him, if hes going out with someone who is cheating on him. He may keep you from harming yourself, but if he was so important, i dont think you would have cheated on him. The best thing to do right now, is get a pregnancy test, see what the results are. If your not convinced than go see a doctor. Dont freak out just yet, you just had your period the day before you had s_x, no worries. Just get the test done, and take it day by day.


Brooke - December 26

My friend's in the same situtation. She doesn't know how to tell her parents and I am her best friend and her boyfriend doesn't know either. The only thing i can say is you have to tell him or its gonna hurt the baby with your stress level and you can't do that to yourself or the baby and no matter how he reacts you have to think about what you did and if he supports the baby and helps you then thats wonderful. I don't think that gettin an abortion is right. I'm adopted and it's kind of a bad feeling but knowing that you are still here is good.


me - December 31

all you s___tty teenagers need to stop having s_x


answer - January 1

Well i can say I got pregnant with my second baby right after my period,so there is a good chance your pregnant. maybe not though you could just be really stressed and its prolonged it! If not time to start using something. It is so hard having a baby at that age. i know i did it! I am 24 now and I missed out on everything! I have been with my husband since highschool and it took us going through alot of stuff to get to where we are at! IT took him till age 23 to grow up! 8 years for him to come around he partyed i took care of baby!It finally took me leaving for him to come around!Alot of men don't. all the people i know besides me and my husband that had a kid are not together.its just to young trust me! neither of these guys will be around and if the farther does stick around to help i can promise you it will take a miracle to stay together from 15.I am sorry for you cause you have a rough road ahead. I love my kids!It was just hard to give up your young life up to jump to age 35 in one day!(when baby is born)!Good luck!



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