16 Yrs Old And I Think Im Pregnet

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veronika duran - July 31

help i think im pregnet its been 5-6 days and i feel funny and it seeams my stomach is getting pretty big could that be a sighn or its be im just elusinaring if i am i dont know whos the daddy gonna be i did it once and then i did it with my b-friend 4 days later.who could be the daddy if iam can the doctors tell me cause my mom would wanna know whos the daddy and i woulkd like 2 know too


ja - March 30

i think i'm pregnet my last piord was feb 4 and i s_x on march 4 and didnt use anything to protect myself and he come in me and i still hanrnt had my perod and its march 30 i took a test said i wasnt is it to early


melissa - April 5

i need to know can i be prgnate? my boyfriend and i had s_x and like the next week i started feeling sick and that went on for the next week also and then i got my period 3 days early and it only lasted 3days it usaually last about 5 to 6 day and the next week i started having storng pains in my stomach that i never had be 4 and then i stared havin heart burn and those two pains lasted for 4 days and the two week after i had my 3 day period my period is now on agin and i just don't know my b___st been tender for the past 3weeks and him and i had s_x like a month ago so can u help me understand my problem?


me - April 12

you can get a dna test when the babies born, idont know about b4.


ashley - April 16

I am also 16 and experincing sure signs of pregnancy. my mom wants me to have an abortion if I am and I don't want to. I am scared. I really don't want to have an abortion. My boyfriend says he is ready to take full responsibility if I am preg. Help!! My e-mail is trixy1082001@yahoo.com if anyone can help me.


lisa - April 16

you got problems... you need to get help for dr. and mom!! they will suppoet you no matter what! its there JOB!!!!


Jennifer - April 23

this answer is for ashley....first of all you shoulldve used protection,but hey what is meant to be in gods eyes is meant to be.It's totally up to you if you should have it or not ok it's not your mothers decision it's yours. If you want to have it then have it nowadays, their are so many ways to help teens like you through the process. Your mother will be disappointed at first but ask her...would she rather see your baby in her arms or in jar? Also if you are ready and the father is too then I see no problem with you having a baby. My daughter had a baby not so long ago and she was the same age as you....I had to realize that my daughter is her own person, mind and body...your mom needs to do the same ok. Good luck sweety!


sheree - April 23

I think you all need to seek professional help the docter will tell you wether or not you are.


caitlin carr - April 28

i think im pregnant, i had s_x the day before i got my period, could i still be pregnant? i need some suriouse advice, email me gangsta_blondie_5@hotmail.com PLEASE!


Maurilia - May 3

well i do no who the dady is if i am but i dont no if i am because my stomach has been feeling werd and i dont no if i am are not i am very sceard right now pleas help me


Jackie - May 9

U can take DNA tests even though the baby still insidde! Did u kno dat! The doc can tell u! Did u use protection in any of them?


rachel - May 14

i am pregnant i dont know who the father is on july i had s_x like two o four time on different days with a boy i meet in santo domingo.but i had my boyfriend in new york i came back on august 14 2003.and had s_x with my boyfriend like three week after.and i gat my prieod on august,sept,oct was my last prieod so i think that the babie father is my boyfriend.so please let me know if i am right e mail me at chuladr2003@aol.com


felicia - May 14

hey ..this is for romeo...down there near the bottom of the page. if your girl is pregnant by you, yes i think you guys should stay together for the child. or at least make it clear that you wont date her, but definatly be in her life for the kid. if shes not pregnant by you, then break up with her like ya wanted to. especially if she treats you like c___p. why stay with someoneone when you know they dont care about you the same way!?


will - May 16

I am prgnet.What shoud I do?


amanda - May 21

i'm 17 am it has be about 5 or 6 day and i think i might be pregnet i am feelin funny i have a been feelin like iam going to vomit all the time but i never do i am going to the washroom all the time my b___bs are sore and i dont know what to do! someone please help me !


Carissa - May 21

It sounds like you have alot on your hands, You need to go take a pregncy test to find out if you are pregnet, and dont be scard to tell your parents its no big deal im 14 and pregnet and you will feel alot better once you tell her. As for not knowing who the babys day is. You are going to have to get a DNA test after the baby is born. I wish you good luck


Betsabe Diaz - May 21

Yes, the doctors can tell you by a DNA test



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