16 Yrs Old And I Think Im Pregnet

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Betsabe Diaz - May 21

Yes, the doctors can tell you by a DNA test


Tamia - May 23

well i dont think your stomach would get big that fast if your prenet,u should wait 4 more signs and if ur not sure who ur babys daddy is take a dna test after the baby is born


patricia - May 25

how do i know if i am pregnet


kittiekat - May 26

i think yuor pregnet!!!





alejandra loa - May 30

i am 12 and i am pregnet


Jen - June 4

I really dont know what to tell you but you should not be having unprotectef s_x but i guess it is to late now you need to find out and then really think about it but if your not sure there is nothing we say that can help sorry but do what you have to do


chelsi - June 4

i have been having s_x and i am only 13 i think i am pregnet but we used a condom i havet had my period it has been 26 days should i worrie what should i look out 4?


Shelly - June 4

Chelsi, Condoms are not 100% effective. You can get pregnant even if you use one and it doesn’t break. You may be pregnant if you have had s_xual intercourse and you have symptoms of pregnancy: A missed period -- (if your periods are usually regular). A short, scant period. Breasts that are sore, tender or swollen. You feel sick to your stomach, or you are vomiting. Fatigue -- feeling more tired than usual. You need to urinate more often than usual. Mood swings These symptoms don't usually occur until you have missed your period for about 2 weeks, but this varies from woman to woman, symptoms can occur earlier for some women (sometimes a week after a missed period). If you have missed your period, but have not yet taken a pregnancy test, don't a__sume you're pregnant. Continue to use contraception if you have intercourse and don't want to be pregnant. Remember that the length of your menstrual cycle can vary. There can be major changes in your cycle when you're under a great deal of stress. Before you proceed to get extremely worried, see if you have any of the signs of pregnancy. Signs of pregnancy usually occur one to two weeks after conception, although the they will vary from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy. If you have any or all of these symptoms, go right away to your health care provider or family planning clinic and ask for a pregnancy test! If you don't want to go to a clinic yet, buy a home pregnancy test at any pharmacy. (These can be expensive), but this is an important test. READ the directions carefully before you use it and follow them.


celeste - June 5

Well if you are pregnant, you should have a ultra sound to determine exactly how far along you are, then you should try and remember who you were with and when.


susie - June 5

when I gonna have my baby I get pregnanton may 1


Em - June 5

Susie, you can go to this website and calculate when you will most likely have your baby. When you open the page click on the 'calculator' link. http://www.paternityangel.com/PicsAndPhotos/FoetalDevelop/DevInPics.htm


alyson - June 7

i have pains in my stomach and lower back but when i move around then go away does this mean im having a misscarrige?


hannah - June 8

i had s_x with my boyfriend and i am late on my period


S - June 8

Pray and ask God to lead you in the right directions. While your at it, ask for his forgiveness, as He doesn't condone s_x out of wedlock.


brittini - June 11

i need hlep can some one help me with wat i want to no?>



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