18 Days Late And Negative Blood Test

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TK - July 28

I'm 18 days late, headaches, dizzy, some nausea, br___t soreness, veins in br___ts, sensitive smell, spotted on the 16th of July, not into food. Yet went for a blood test yesterday and it was below 5. I don't get it. One of my doctors says it clearly sounds like I'm pregnant and to continue to test every week. I know of at least 3 people who didn't show on a blood test until 2 months. I feel like I'm crazy though. The dizziness is pretty bad -- either I'm pregnant or something's wrong. I've never been late like this - and I wasn't trying to conceive -- just an accident. At this point I'd like either a positive test or my period. What do you all think? I'm going crazy.


Hollie H - July 28

I was the same way..I took 3 blood test but I hadn't started for 3 months..finally started it lasted real light for 2 weeks..and my period is messed up still my b___st are getting bigger still but i love food I'm hungry all the time...I do get light headed and sick to my stomach..and this has been going on for a couple of months now and i've taken more blood tests and no one can give me a straight answer either..


AB - July 28

I just got the results of my blood test, it was a negative less than 2. So far i am 12 days late. So i guess i give it some more time for either AF to come or get retested?


cj - July 28

I am having about the same problem. I am 14 days late and have taken 2 diffrent home pregnancy test. Both of them negative. I am never late and I haven't felt so great lately


mandie - July 28

i know a lady on here that was 16 days late and all her tests came up negative then bam finally got a bfp on the 16th day....


TK - July 28

Wow - looks like a lot of others are in the same boat. I've also heard of at leat 3 instances in which women had negative blood tests and weeks later learned that they were pregnant -- as much as 8 weeks preggo. At this point I want to know -- either my period or a positive test. In 8 minutes it will be 19 days!!


me-me - July 29

i am 19 days late also and havent been feeling so wonderful eiher and i have peeing more then alot lately but about two weeks ago i went to the doctor and my test came back negative but im still convinced im pregnant for some reason.


TK - July 29

It's 19 days. Until AF comes I guess I'm acting pregnant, but it's getting old without that confirmation! Meanshile I'm dizzy, often nauseous, smells can nearly send me over the edge, b___sts feel strange -- soetimes hot, tingly, painful, and I spotted on the 16th. I don't know what to think.


me-me - July 29

i missed counted im 22 days late for af. next thursday will be a month so if my period doesnt come down on the 7th of next month what should i do since the doctor said i wasnt pregnant.


AZ - July 29

I'm wondering how long before you can tell if your pg with an ultrasound. I know you can tell by 3 mo's as I have a friend who is just going on 3 mo and she had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago and sent me the pictures. Does anybody know about when they can do that to see if your preg. if blood tests are coming up neg???


TK - July 29

My dr. did an ultrasound; she was looking for a tiny shadow within the uterus. She said it was really early to do it, but she tried anyway and saw nothing. I'm 19 days late. I think that's still really early to get reliable results.


AG - July 30

Gosh TK we are in exactly the same boat!! im 20 days (well, 21 on saturday) and still no af... this really may be tmi, but i a very small amoutn of spotting today... like very very very small, and it stopped... scared the c___p out of me! good luck to you, and please keep me updated!!


TK - July 30

I had some spotting on the 16th, but it was light (only a pantyliner) and lasted only that day. It could have been implantation bleeding but I don't know. I just tested negative on a hpt. People tell me to act pregnant, but I'm getting frustrated. We're definately in the same boat


Grandpa Viv - July 30

Those quant_tative blood tests are expensive - $165 just for the lab work. From what I can make out, they also test for a smaller subset of hCG than do home tests. There have been reports here of faint positive urine tests before the blood test positive. Seems like taking home tests once a week until missing a second period is as good a plan as any. hCG levels normally rise from 1 to over 100,000 in the first trimester. Good luck to you all.


AG - July 31

Hey TK, anything new with you? Im at 22 days late now... hows it coming wiht you?? hope all is well!


Amy - July 31

You're not going crazy. I am 15 days late and have taken 3 home pregnancy tests which have all come back not pregnant. I also have b___st soreness, dizziness, etc. and I have NEVER been this late before. My husband and I are trying to conceive and right now I am an emotional wreck. I haven't been to the doctor yet.. am planning to call this week. I feel the same way though..right now I either want a positive test or my period. Either one is fine as long as I'm not in limbo anymore.


TK - July 31

It's now day 21!! I tested yesterday and still negative. I'm still having symptoms: dizziness, nausea, b___sts feel different, areolas look bigger and pinker, and so on. I know something's off because I'm eating differently -- things that I loved I dislike to the point that they make me nauseous and I crave healthier stuff. Not to mention I'm exhausted!! I've read on these boards and especially the testing board that it's taken several weeks for some women to test positive. Now I'm waiting to see if I miss another period...



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