18 On The Pill But Unprotected During Sex

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miranda - January 29

i am 18 years old, my boyfirend and i have been together for one year and we dont use condoms during s_x....ever.i am on the pill, my last normal period was on december 30th, the one week after my period was gone i had some light bleeding and cramping for just one day, i thought i may have been preg so i didnt take my pill for two days, but i took a hpt and it came up neg so i continued taking them again. all this month i found myself eating more, gassy and sometimes nauseus without vomiting. my br___ts are a little sore, and my stomach has become very sensitive to pressure alittle bit bigger than normal too, everytime my boyfriend lays on me or lays his hand across my stomach i flinch cause it hurts, i also find myself a bit more sensitive to smells...but then again this could all just be in my mind. this week my period was due on wednesday but it didnt come or show signs of coming until yesterday evening i have never been late since i started the pill a year ago. but the bleeding wasnt like a period when it came, i had a bit of light spotting on my pad but it lasted for only about two hours,it was kinda thick but it wasnt much, and then i didnt get anymore for the rest of the day. this morning it happened again, but then it stopped after about two hours. could this be because i missed pills, or could i be pregnant, or should i be worried that i may have already had a early miscarriage?? i have a good job working for hsbc bank and a very supportive boyfriend(who supports me and i live with), so i know i can support a baby if need be, but i dont want to dissappoint my parents...and its really stressing me out to think i may actually be preg, its not really good timing seeing as i havent even started to live yet, and i am still so young...any advice anyone??


angel_girl - January 30

I would definately test again. Maybe even see the doctor. Good luck!


hj - February 7




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