19 Days Late And Counting

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Lady in Waiting - October 1

I am 19 days late and the dr. urine test came out negative. They said that a urine test from them is as accurate as a blood test and that It is too early to tell yet. What do you say?


Me Too - October 1

I am almost a week late, and have taken SEVERAL OTC tests= neg's. I have a blood test done and should know in a few days. I hear that the blood tests are the MOST accurate, but then again- I am not the Dr. I have sore (larger!) b___sts, moods swings like a Mo'Fo' and have an uneasy feeling in my stomach when I stand for long periods of time, or stand quickly. I feel so pregnant, and don't know what I'll think if this blood test is neg too. I know this isn't "my question",.. but does anyone have any advice on the blood tests being 100% correct?


Viv - October 2

I think the qualitative blood test is just yes/no just like the hpt, but the quant_tative gives a number which might be relevant if you have to go back for another at a later date. There have been posts from women who had to wait 6+ weeks to go positive. Because of the frequent false negatives, I usually suggest waiting a week after the missed period before the first test.


B - October 4

i say bullc___p. look wht happening to me. 4 lab results tested on everything u name it inlcude preg test, plus 3 potty tests plus dr tell me im not preg. last 1998 i got preg. did alot of tests all came out neg then fnially last test came POS when i was 5 mons preg. dr kept telling me it probably gallbladders, pancreas, liver, diabetes, low blood count, mono, etc all came neg. they cuoldnt understand why my stomach was big, and why i was peeing all the time and why i was nausea everyday all day, why i barfed, why i had pain on lower stomach, why im losing appet_te, why do i feel pressure down on my stomach, and why my back ache etc? it is so OBVIOUS that im preg. and they wouldnt look at that or listen to me. they only look at the lab result. what test say and that is pathetic. because the test is not always accurate. and look at this. the test has not been right with me or other people that i know. so what do i say? stick to wht you feel and believe. wait see what happen. go dr if you want to take more tests. maybe ultrasound will help. tht my next step to take... good luck let me know.


louise - October 29

i am late and had 3 hpt and they were all negative but with my last pregnancy it was the same and i got a possitave after about 2 months and wen i had a scan i was three months pregnant



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