1 Day Late

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jez - April 4

I have been off the pill for 3 months (TTC) and my periods have been regular, i was suppose to get AF yesterday and nothing =))), but also took the walmart brand test w fmu and it was negitive this morning? so i dont know weather i should b excited or not..............? Any advice ladies??? BABY DUST***************


Amy - April 4

Look on the back of the back of the box of the hpt you took hon...at what level does it pick up the hcg hormone? The earliest detection you can get is 25. Most of the generic brands detect pregnancy the soonest. Just check the box. I'd try another one in a couple of days hon. The best of luck to you.


jez - April 4

Well the walmart brand is the 25 hcg, so that is why i was confused! So maybe even though i am a day late it is still to soon? This happen to anyone?


chriss - April 4

af due today for me, no sign yet. Has some pinkish discharge yesterday and it stopped within an hour. Not sure if this is a weird af or something else. I took a test on Friday and it was negative, so it may have been too soon. Jez, try testing again in a few days!


jena - April 4

it very well may have been too soon to test - it took me a while to get a positive, but that's becuase I ovulated late - which is possible for you too - wait a few days and good luck testing!


jez - April 4

Thanks Girls for giving me hope!! =)....Still no cramping but alot of clear/white discharge =)


Laura - April 4

Hey I'm 1 day late as well, I'm going to wait (If I can) for 5 days. Alot of women don't get a positive until 1-3 weeks after their period is due. I wish you all the best, Baby dust to me and you and everyone else!!!!


jez - April 4

WOW ur good waiting!! i can't !!! but i guess now i have no choice!!! Good luck to you as well !!!!! Do u have any syptoms?


jena - April 5

Laura, Jez... any new info?? :)


jez - April 5

Well i had a physical today and during the PAP i starting spotting =(........ But i useally can tell a day or at least a few hours b4 because of the heavy cramping?? i am alos spotting instead od heavy flow?? im down though!


jena - April 5

i'm sorry!! maybe you were spotting from irritation... just keep those legs above your head and maybe AF won't come.. hahah - i'm truely sorry though...


Laura - April 5

To Jena-April 5 and no AF yet. Lots of discharge-feels like she came and rush to bathroon....breathe a sigh of relief. My b___sts are tender and they usually are not before my period, so tired, an emotional mess...this is going to be a tough week. I just have a feeling... I'll keep you posted.



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