1 Week Late White Discharge Cramps Negative Test

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natalilly07 - March 12

Hi everyone. I came off the contraceptive pill in December and me and my partnee are ttc. I am now a week late bur I have been having more white discharge than I normally do over the last 2 weeks as well as mild br___t tenderness, mood swings and cramping. For the last 2 weeks it has felt like my period is coming but nothing yet. This has been on and off, not every day. I am not stressed about anything and although we are ttc we arnt stressing over it as we are both in our early 20s and have plenty of time. I have taken 3 tests (although a couple of those may have been a bit early) I was wondering if anyone has ever had this happen to them or if anyone has an idea about what might be going on?


Grandpa Viv - March 12

So you have had a couple of periods since coming off the pill? With your exposure and signs there is some reason to hope for success. Take a couple more tests at intervals of several days using first morning pee. Maybe you are one of those who does not get a positive until 2 weeks late. GL!


natalilly07 - March 13

Yes I have had 2 bleeds since coming off the pill, although I'm a__suming one of these was a withdrawal bleed. Thanks your help :)


natalilly07 - March 18

Just to let you know, and any other women that may be in the same situation, I just got my positive result!!!!


Grandpa Viv - March 18

Great work, Lilly. Thanks for the feedback.


WorriedH - March 20

Grandpa viv can you please read my question and help me?


dragonfly1111 - March 23

Wow this sounds exactly like me...stopped BC in December and had 2 normal cycles. This month I missed my period (was supposed to be March 11th....but also could have been March 9th since last cycle i spotted 2 days before period came full force). HOWEVER i have continually had negative tests! I have a doc's appointment scheduled for next Tuesday but I really don't know what to think


natalilly07 - March 24

I think in my case I was having really irregular cycles where I have just come off BC. I couldnt tell my actual cycle length because I hadnt had enough cycles to determine whether they were regular. So when I thought I was a week late, my period might not have actually been due yet. When I took a clear blue pregnancy test (when i thought I was 2 weeks late) it came out positive with 1-2 weeks on it. So from this i'm thinking maybe I was pregnant when I had the negative tests, but my HCG levels wernt high enough to be detected as it was really early and I probably got the negative tests before my period was even due. I hope that makes sense, maybe the same is what's happening to you?


Sa__sa - March 28

Have similar symptoms. 6 days late, and all period symptoms. Haven't been irregular since off the pill. BUT I am spotting light and today I have cramps, not too severe, but not mild either. I can't get dr to see me till 2 weeks from now. Shall I try with a different doctor??? What if I have smth serious? What if I am pregnant at risk of miscarriage (therefore the cramps?)BTW my first hpt came out negative but I didn't do it exactly correct (I don't think that should matter all that much though, especially if based on my calculations I should have been 2-3 weeks after conception. Any additional wisdom would be great. I am all by myself in a new city and my bf miles away :(


mother4girls - March 31

I showed negative on one of my pregnancies until 7wks. I had the feeling my period was due from week before it was due until 2/3 wks after, I was starving all the time and really tired but the tests keep coming back negative, until I was 3wks late so it is very possible. I am now trying again after a miscarriage Jan 10 but 4mths later still nothing (I normally get pregnant really easily) until this month. I am due in 4days time but I have the cramping feeling you get when your period is due (with me that's normally the day b4 it arrives) but it's lasted a week until now. 15days after the first day of period we tried to conceive so I'm hopping this is it. I'm starving ever 2 minutes and slight st_tch feeling when I bend down to pick up someone on the ground (not bad just slight). I have lost the patience to wait until I miss a period which I know I should do - does it sound like I am?


Grandpa Viv - April 1

Sa__sa, did you come off the pill recently? Try to stop worrying about all the possibilites - let nature take its course. There's no hurry to see a doc until you miss a second period. Meanwhile, take a test or two at intervals of several days. Mother4girls, baby dust to you! It sounds promising.



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