1positive 2neg 1 Faint Pos Then 2 Negs Help

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sjlopez - July 5

i know it sound off. but my first positive was at the end of March. it was a dollar tree test so i thought it must be wrong. now am kicking my own ass. then in the middle of June i got really sick. i made my dh throw away every meat and chicken in my freazzer (spelling bad) i had him throw mostly everything out because the smell was so ugly and i felt that was making me sick. well i thought i had the flu but my bones were not acking, i felt like shit for e weeks. i felt so Nauseated and I was so tired. it was awful. my boss started sending me home, then she gave me a week of to get better. then my sister said i should test. then i got a faint positive. is was supposed to look like (II) but after is saw one line i but it in my dresser 5mins later i went to throw it away, it feel upside down side ways and it look like ( I _ ) then 2days later i took 2more and go 2negs. Then 6days before my period i started cramping bad then i started spotting for one day. after 2days later i only saw pink-ish brown only when i wipe. not sure if that could of been IB. i am now 9days late, i throw up half of what i eat now. but i still test negitive. could i be pregnant? i heard after a while some womens hcg level dampers. is that true?


jue - July 5

go and see your doctor, I kept getting neg hpt when I was preg with my youngest son and I only found out I was preg by my doctor giving me a blood test, it turned out I was 4 months pregnant. good luck


Bubblesofjoy65 - July 5

Go get a beta blood test - those are the most accurate, measures your HCG level.


sjlopez - July 5

thank you. i went to see my dr. and he said that mybe my ovalations is changing. he said "don't you think its better to have a shorter period." my b___st have been so sore for the past 4days. today is even worst. my dh got home and i ask him to get me a blanket and he droped it own me and i screamed in pain. i took a short nap and now am feeling sick and tired. today i went to the dr. and i took a HCG blood test and it is going to test the measure the quanity. while i wont know until monday the 10th. im crossing my fingers. am really scared. i wish i knew what was wrong with me


BrendaW - July 6

Good Luck and keep us posted!


sjlopez - July 6

thanks, i'll keep you all posted



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