1st Month Off Bcp And Needs Advice

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sammy - November 14

this is my frist month off bcp and my last af was 10/13 i still yet have started well i have been having some cm and a couple of days ago i had really bad pains in my right ovary could i have ovulated this early i have been having dull cramps like a period and i feel like ive start wetness and all but no blood i also took a test sat it was bfn so i worry or just wait for my period think its just irrugluar


Mel - November 14

They say if your periods were irregular before the pill, they will be after the pill. I went off the pill in August and I'm still not entirely sure if my cycle is back to "normal". It is very different for all of us. Sorry I couldn't be more help...good luck!


Kelly - November 15

Hi, this is my third month off the pill and my third month trying. I had regular cycles before the pill (28).. My first month off it was 36 days and the second month was 26. I'm hoping this is going to be my month. But keep trying, a lot of people get preg right away.


J. - November 15

I've been off for 4 months now and have been ttc since. I was only on it for 9 months and cycle went back to normal as soon as I stopped. Even if it's been normal(cycle of 31 days), I have yet to see my BFP. **Baby Dust**


sammy - November 16

So u never missed ur af the first month off? i still have no sign that its gonna start i just wish i would get a bfp or my af just so i would know. i am ttc. i am gonna wait a few before testing.. i hope the best for u guys i hope u get ur bfp. thanks for the input i really needed it


J. - November 16

No Sammy, I never missed my af. I stopped taking my pills in the first week or two of my pack and af showed at around the time it was supposed to. So for the next 3 months, it was right on, then just last month it was 4 days late and I thought for sure it would be my bfp, but oh well. Even if af has been consistent, I'm still a little confused about my actual ovulation day. I'm afraid I never know when exactly the day is. I've never tried using opk's. Maybe I should start.


sammy - November 16

yeah maybe you should it might help! well i have a real big chance that if i did ovulate im sure we did it on that day we have done it ever day (newly married lol) everyone keeps saying im getting a pouch and these pple dont even know about it. I hope this is ur month and mine to just keep me posted its nice to share things like this



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