1st Response Faint Pink Line

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Renee - October 9

Ok Ladies, here's one for you. I've been TTC for three months. I tested tonight because my af is due this week (tuesday) and there is a faint pink line across from the much darker line. Has this happened to anyone before? Is it an error or could I be "a little bit" pregnant? (I HOPE SO!)


SP - October 9

This happened to me yesterday- since then I have taken six tests- five different brands, and they are all POSITIVE. go to www.peeonastick.com- it will show you pictures of what a positive looks like on a first response. I think you probably are pregnant- congrats!!! I am having a blood test tomorrow.


SP - October 9

I meant three different brands, not five


to Renee - October 9

I hear of this all the time, and each time it turns out that the lady is pregnant. I think you should try another test in a day or so, a different brand maybe?! All in all, I'll say congrats because a line is a line as long as its before the 10 minute mark. Congrats, you're pregnant!


Rachel. R - October 10

when i thought i was pregnant, i went to the doctors where they did a pregnancy test.. the first normal line came up, and then there was a very faint pink line next to it.. the registered nurse called me back in and said."congratulations, your pregnant" I asked her about the faint line, concerned it wouldnt be right.. and she told me if there is another line other than the first line which appears straight away, no matter how faint that second line. it is positive. Now because she still hadnt thrown my wee out, i asked her to do another, and again, it came up with another pink line. Now... 20 weeks later... ... im 25 weeks pregnant.. and LOVING IT. if your unsure, see your doc though.


saz - October 10

hi all idid a test first responce about 6 months ago that came up very faint so i did a few more different brands so it turned out i want so sumtimes it happens if u not so go 2 docs b4 u get u hopes up let me no what happens


sharron - October 10

hi i am not due af till the 13 oct i did two tests today first one blink and you miss it i have just done one now again with a different brand and i can see the line ,my husband can see it as well its very light but there none the less should i take this as a positive ?


Renee - October 10

Thank you to everyone who responded! I'll take your advice and take another test by the end of today or tomorrow. Thank you again. *****Baby dust to you all!!! ****



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