2006 L A M B S Part 29

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jeanette - February 8

Here it is! Congrats Em, on the baby girl!!


Meg - February 8

Em...as far as the low placenta, I had that with my first...they did a u/s at about 37 weeks just to make sure it had moved north, and it had...I was worried too, but it all turned out fine for me...and my doc also said most migrate as they should...congrats on the girl!! so exciting!!!


Natasha - February 8

Hi all, just having some twinges in my right ovary, so hopefully things are working. Em, great news, a little friend for Mary.


jeanette - February 8

Well....cd5 here and ho-hum...yawn....nothing new happening except the nymphomaniac syndrome that I now have....hmmm, maybe I should give dh these vitamins.....LOL!


Emily - February 8

I put pics on yahoo site.......if anyone is interested....Good luck Natasha, you shold be o sometime soon right?


Emily - February 8

also not so worried about the low lying placenta thing, I had read about it before, but it must have worried me a little casue I had a dream last night I was shopping for maternity jeans (just wearing a size or three bigger than normal right now) and I had a spot of blood, cause the dr had to mention that I may experience some bleeding after s_x. Funny didn't have s_x int eh dream, but my mind gets to racing when I hear the word bleeding...


Meg - February 8

pics are so fun...excited to have some of my own...hopefully soon!! and i am glad you aren't woried about the low placenta...I was told the same thing about spotting, and luckily never did...even after exams...hope those dreams don't come true!! lol


Meg - February 8

ok...update on my symptoms in the 2ww...7 dpo (give or take one) today...mild pains on right side, headache, crampy on and off, tired, tired, tired...one of the strangest things for me is that i have started really clenching my jaw again...used to do that but haven't in a long time...jaw is all sore, teeth aren't quite in alignment...so frustrating...wondering if it is because my body is doing new things....yes, my jaw is unavoidably connected to my attempts to conceive...oh, funny women we are!!! was going to buy tests today at dollar tree, but dh car is sick so he took mine...probably a good thing because the way i am feeling i would probably have tested tomorrow at 8 dpo...ha!! what a waste...now i probably won't be able to get them until friday or monday...and i hope to test w/out dh so as to surprise him, so that will force me to wait until monday or tues am which is much more reasonable....fate works in mysterious ways....


Meg - February 8

one other thing while i am monopolizing this thread...my dear cousin went in to the ER on sunday with terrible abdominal pain...ended up doing emergency surgery and finding something on one of her ovaries had completely ruptured...took that ovary and all the stuff around it...she just called me today and told me they found the stuff that ruptured to be borderline cancerous...she is scared to death and was just getting ready to ttc again...you are all so sweet...prayers for her and her family would be appreciated...she has to see an oncologist every three months and as soon as she is done having kids they want to do a complete hysterectomy...she is only 28! I know if I come up pregnant it will hurt her so badly....if I don't I will consider that the reason for now!! thanks, ladies...as always


Sissy - February 8

Hi everyone, just back form my U/s and everything looked pretty much ok.Dh went with! They scared me because they couldnt find him at first,so they had to do it v____ally.Weird things going on---the cyst on my ovary is gone-so it must have ruptured and that is what caused the bleeding. The weird thing is the blood clot they found last time....well it is in the sac with the baby! I posted the pic on yahoo--you can see it by his feet.It was amazing though--he was moving hislittle arms and legs and just going to town. Heartrate was 178 which is awesome. now to wait for the Dr to call and let me know what to think about this "clot" or ma__s or whatever it is.Emily- congrats on your girl hun!! I really want another girl but DH wants a boy and I just have a feeling he might be getting his wish.....To everyone-thank you SO much for your prayers,they are greatly appreciated!! Tlka again soon huggies and baby dust everyone!


Frances - February 8

Yay Sissy!!!! I'm so glad everything looks good. Did they say if they thought that blood clot is going to be an issue? That's really weird. Em, I had placenta previa through my pregnancy and in the last month or two it just moved completely out of the way! Which was good since I ended up having a c-section at the last minute. I'm sure yours will move too! Jeanette, congrats on the nymphomania. I enjoy mine on a regular basis. Our poor hubbies. Good thing they look better tired than we do. Meg, praying for your cousin. That happened to one of my teachers and she turned out clean once they took the ruptured ovary out. Hopefully it will be the same for her!! Anyway, I think today is my O day so off to bd! (If I can pin dh down, that is!!!) = )


Frances - February 9

Where'd everybody go?


Natasha - February 9

hi all, Em hopefull ovulate on Valentines day or shortly after, so that will be a romantic one!!! Had some twinges in ovary the last couple of days on and off so hopefully thats a sign that the clomid is working. Anna, any symptoms yet? Meg, that is weird, I have started doing that recently too with the jaw clenching, do you grind your teeth cos I do, started wearing my bite guard again. I know how painful the clenching is, last Monday I was in agony, severe pain in temples and teeth and gums, had migraine and spent the whole day miserable ma__saging my gums and taking painkillers. I wonder if it is the stress of ttc. My teeth dont align properly and I recently found out that it could be causing it. If you get a bite guard it will stop the clenching.


krissy - February 9

hey ladies!!! well i just took all day yesterday to lay in bed and let the antibodic start to do its thing...already starting to feel better.....oh and jeanette you have nymphomania my dbf has it bad!!!! when we first got together he was like every once and a while said he was always tired and our schedules were always off.....anyways since we moved and our schedules are pretty much the same he wants it all the time!!!! now its been 3 nights in a row and after last night i was dang boy i would like one night in between to rest up.....lol....i swear and he says that now i am pregnant it turns him on even more just knowing i am having his baby he even told me to watch out the further i get along hahaha....ooo i am in for it lol!!!! ok check in again laters bye


Emily - February 9

oh sissy, that is good news that your baby s doing well. I am wondering about that clot, do they thik it will be a problem? Still praying for you and for Meg's cousin too...


Anna B. - February 9

Good morning! My temp went up to 98.6 this morning so FF changed my O day so now I am back to 3 dpo. I think it is right though b/c I had O pains that day and it was the last day of ewcm. Now the waiting game I guess. I go for blood work to test my progesterone levels on Tuesday so hopefully they will confirm that I O'd. This is going to be a long wait!


Emily - February 9

Sissy, hope you dont mind, I flipped your u/s pic ont eh yahoo site.........



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