2006 L A M B S Part 38

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jeanette - March 8

Thought I'd make a new thread. So, where is everyone in thier cycles and who's testing, who's O'ing?


PromiseJubilee - March 8

I got a teenie tiny bit of brownish yesterday (barely enough to notice) and today, I was cramping yesterday morning and was thinking I would be surprised if I didn't start my period... but the cramps went away today and haven't gotten anything heavier, I'll keep you posted, but wouldn't that be ironic after that big fit if I was pregnant? If not I won't be ovulating for another couple weeks. More later


Natasha - March 8

I am on cd5, af is on her way out, thank goodness. Although its the first time in ages I had a 28 day cycle!


Emily - March 8

oh jeanette bless you, to get back to things so quickly....are you going to start trying again right away or wait a bit? I hoep you have a good time on your trip. Have fun, relax, and remember God loves you. We all love you too!


Meg - March 8

well...here is the latest on me...7 weeks today...went to dr. on Monday and had a brief scan with an old u/s machine my OB has in his office...told me at 6w5d to only expect to see a sac on his machine...that's exactly what we saw...but there were TWO! of them...because the machine is less than stellar, he isn't sure, but I think he thinks we are having twins...still working through all the emotions...will go back in a couple of weeks to look again and hopefully know for sure...


Anna B. - March 8

I am on cd 19 and 3 dpo. I've got a doctor's appt Friday to have my progesterone level tested. I'm praying that this is the month but trying not to get my hopes up. I did calculate the due date if I were to get pregnant this month and it would be exactly a year after my grandmother died - 11/27.


jeanette - March 8

Promise, darlin, I hope you are! Natasha, awesome that your cycle is straightened out....Em, I'm gonna leave it in the Lords hands, I threw everything away in a fit of pity/rage and I'm gonna take a break for awhile...Meg! Twins??!! Awesome! ....Anna, that would be very sweet if it happened that way, ya never know! As for me, my bleeding is stopped finally and I'm looking forward to going to the mountains and praising God with my DH's Holiness Pentacostal family and jumpin around that tiny church with them, they pick my spirits up so much with thier unwavering faith in God's miracles...I need that right now.....


jeanette - March 8

Oh, and please pray for my doctors visit tomorrow....we are gonna discuss the options for surgery for the fibroid and cyst, check my qualitative hcg level, talk about further TTC attempts, and look inside to double check if everything "else" is cleared out.....I'm a little stressed about it, especially since my abdomen is still very sore.


AshleyPros - March 8

hi ladies, just wanted to let you all know that I went to the doctor today. they did a blood test, and it was negative, they think the reason for my symptoms is diabetes, so I have to go back friday for more tests.


Jessica SM - March 8

Jeanette dont worry and I will pray that everything goes ok for you tomorrow. Natasha I am also on cd5. I started the soy today and Im taking it for the next 5 days. I have also been taking the fertility blend and EPO.


jeanette - March 8

AshleyP....so sorry doll....I am at risk for diabetes too, and have to watch myself...which is why I am trying to get the last 35 lbs off of me, I had gestational diabetes with the last 2 pregnancies....Jessica, make sure you don't take chasteberry / vitex (most fertility blends have it in there) with the soy and EPO....I cant remember why, but I know it is not recommended to take together...


jeanette - March 8

quali....quanti.....?? Which one is where they get the actual number of hcg? I can never remember.......


Sissy - March 8

Jeanette- quantative is the number, qual is just whether your number is over 5 which indicates preg, you want quanti! Praying for you hun! Big hugs.


Jessica SM - March 8

Jeanette last time you mentioned it was ok to take all together. I had mentioned about the fertility tea blend which is the same thing except I decided to get it in pills instead. So I shouldnt take all 3? Should I just take the fertility blend with EPO since I just started taking the soy today? or should I take the fertility blend alone?


Frances - March 9

Hey ladies, long time no write. I am in the 2ww, can't remember where, like maybe 5 dpo? Hang on, I'll check. Nah, it's 6 dpo. Nothing at all going on with me. Feeling fine, little tired. Only my temps are really bizarre. I had one at about 3 dpo that was 99.8 and then it went to 99.5 then 98.0 then back up to 99.0 this morning. No idea what that is all about so I'm just a__suming that the progesterone is causing it. Or the soy, I guess, but other than that I feel fine. Jeanette, I'm praying for you hun. Meg, that is sooo totally awesome!!! I'm praying for you too!! Ashley, praying for the diabetes thing, I've been tested for that before, apparently they think you can either be overweight or underweight and both are symptoms? Sheesh, who knows. Natasha, congrats on the 28 day cycle! That's exciting! Anna, I'm praying you are!! Jessica, praying that the soy and whatnot work for you, watch out for side effects! Emily, Sissy, how are things going with you two? Anyway, just got home from church, Lent services going on right now. GOnna hang out with my hubby and head off to bed. Blessings and baby dust to all!!!


jeanette - March 9

Sorry, Jessica.....I went through my emails to the girls on FF about that, and all I found was that you shouldnt take EPO or vitex after ovulation....there are warnings for pg women on taking those 2 things......so I guess I was thinking the wrong thing, sorry!! God bless! I hope you get bfp this cycle!


Emily - March 9

Morning ladies, how is everyone doing this fine driery morning? It is damp and dark here at 7:30 am but warm, so I guess I will take damp. It all started on Tuesday afternoon with a rather tame spring thunderstorm.... I just love thunderstorms, my dh think I is crazy, and he is probably right. It has been damp since then. It has pretty much rained on and off (off being for a lot shorter periods then the on part) and has stayed damp, but we really, really need the rain so can't complain too much. It is days like today that make you want to curl up in bed with a nice book. I love these books my mother in law (well sh step mom but stil one of my mil,,,) gave me. They are Christen Mistery/Love stories. They are the smutty books without the smut. Dee Henderson is the auther of the set I am reading right now. they are the O'Mally series. I did not know if anyone had heard of them beofre. They are great. Each book is a bout one O'Mally who falls in love and turns to Christ in the midst of some strange and bizare cases. I am reading the third book. She is a forensic scientist who is working on an old case with an us marshel friend of her us marshal brother. They of course will fall in love and she will enevitably become a Christian with the three of her siblings who are Christen and her soon to be boyfirends help.....anyway, my dh alsways says I read too much, but I really like these books. Any one else read any like these. After I go through this series, I will go through the rest of my mil selection and then I am not sure what to do......I will be out of reading materal! any suggestions??



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