2006 L A M B S Part 46

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jeanette - April 18

G'mornin ladies....


Emily - April 18

Morning ladies, and So glad everything went well for Jeanette. I am tired. I have not been getting any sleep at all lately. I can hardly breathe! My big belly and alegies working together to give me that shortness of breath and everytime I lay down, I can't breathe and have to cough. Wakes me and dh up. Wither him or I have slept on the couch the past few nights. We actually slept in the same bed last night. I slept better for the first time in four nights, but still not real good. Mary had a wonderful time at Easter. My mom had an egg hunt for her. I get the facenation my aunts had with watching us now! she was so cute. She would walk around witht he little basket with this serious look on her face. Then when she found one, her face would light up and she would run toward it. Then she would get so serious again. Sometimes when she would see two close together, she'd shout "Two!" That is her favorite number. Well okay it is the only number she knows. she does know what two is and will say it on her own only if there are two but when you ask her how many there are, or to count, all she will say is two. Her favorite saying right now is "I do it!" Or I hold! And you must repeat each to get hte full effect! lol so cute. I dont' know if I can stand to have another one so cute, my heart just may burst. anyway other than that, nothing new hear. Hoping for a rain or somthing to calm the pollen count down a bit.....


Christy M - April 19

I am so hoping this will go through


Christy M - April 19

WOOOOOHOOOO!!! I was able to finally post now this one better go through as well before I type all this for nothing!!! First of all I have been so far behind on here that I just read that you had surgery Jeanette, I am glad you came through fine and all went well.... To everyone else, I have sure missed chatting with you girls....Congrats Sissy on another Girl!!!! Em glad to hear things are going well for you too..... I am still dealing with very messed up cycles..... Feeling the need to Test right now... Should be on cycle day 40 ... This will be the longest for me so far , and to go all my life with my cycles being like clockwork and now this....It is so frustrating, but, I have just kinda put the whole pregnant thing in the back of my mind and Said if it happens it happens.... Kinda been spotting some, very light pink....only did this once before with my first Pregnancy, but I am trying not to get the hopes up too much ....Just been waiting to see, and I havent tested at all this month and this is the first time I have not used a HPT.... So I am keeping the fingers crossed...anyway I will try to hush so I dont use the whole forum space and make Jeanette have to do a Part 47.....Loe you girls....Baby dust to all who are still TTC!!! Will try to post again if I am able


jeanette - April 19

G'morning everyone. CHristy!!! So glad you could get back on!! Just a fluke or did you change something? Hope you can post regularly now! Got your message on Yahoo. Still feeling yucky and sore so I'm going back to bed....and for some reason I'm bleeding? Ugh. Don't know if its my period, although its really light, or just my insides getting back to normal....no pain or cramps though. Gotta go lay down, feelin sick. Talk to you gals later. Hope everyone has a great day.


Emily - April 19

morning ladies....how is everyone today? I am good. My doc called. I took the sugar test last week and well they got the result back. After drinking the sugar water,,,, my results were 149 and his cut off point is 140, so I get to do the fasting three hour test. Did I mention how unfair it is to tell a pregnant woman not to eat after midnight, then tell her she can't eat anything for breakfast. So I have to go in at 8am on Sat and it is an hour away so I will be up at 6:30 or so and can't eat anything till about 11 or after. That is so not fair! I had to do this with Mary too, so I am not so worried about the results. I was boarderline on the first test with her too and everything was okay. Am kinda nervous, son't want to have this complication....not fun. Anyway other than that I am good. Wonder how long it will take to get a result? I have another appointment on Tuesday. Hoping I will be lucky and they will have the results by then and he can tell me then....we shall see. Hope you get to feeling better soon Jeanette, and welcome back Christy..


Christy M - April 19

Good Morning Girls, Jeanette... Hope you get to feeling better .... Em Hope things turn out ok with the Sugar Test ... I had to do the same and yes it is very miserable to not be able to eat when you are pregnant!!! They should find a faster test or something lol.... Hope everyone has a great day , and Hope I can continue to chat with you girls...... God Bless!!!


Eli - April 19

hi everybody. I know it has been a long time since I came on, you may not remember me, I think jeanette will. Sorry to hear your not feeling well. I wanted to check in, I just found out Im pregnant. Found out this morning. I just needed someone to share that with, so I hope I am not intruding.


jeanette - April 19

Omgosh Eli!!!! So glad to see you here!! CONGRATULATIONS GIRLIE!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!! That is awesome!! Intruding???? You are one of the original LAMBS darlin!!! You are family! So glad you came to bless us with your awesome news! May God bless that little bean in your belly, I will put you on my prayer list doll, for a happy healthy pregnancy.....Emily, I had to do that test with both my last pregnancies, it was murder.....my blood sugar was so low after that I had to get a 7-11 slurpee to keep from pa__sing out. That glucose stuff tastes like warm spit...disgusting. Oh excuse me, ORANGE flavored warm spit......I got my results the day after I believe, I know it wasnt long to get them. I had gestational diabetes with both my youngest....and I believe with my oldest too, but wasnt diagnosed back then. Ok, thats a bout all I can do for now, gotta get out of this chair....I never noticed how uncomfortable it is before now....ugh. Love you gals.


PromiseJubilee - April 19

YAY ELI!!! Okay, now that that's done with, LOL, GET BETTER jeanette! Prayin' for ya girlfriend. And everyone else as well, of course. Hey ladies, I just got on here to update a little and beg for prayers. Three nights ago God gave me a vision. I was standing at the base of a cliff when all of a sudden it isn't really a cliff, but an Ashera pole. I look up and it's so big around and tall that it goes into the clouds and I can't see the top. Then as I'm looking up, babies start falling from the sky. Swaddled in yellow and pink and blue blankets and drifting down like snow. Well, I start trying to catch them and pretty soon I have eight or nine in my arms and more are still falling and I just keep thinking, I can't catch them all, I can't catch them all! And then I woke up. Well, today I talked to my Pastory Joyce about it and she said that I was going to "catch" God's babies that are falling, i.e. the foster system. And my heart will be broken because I just can't help them all. It's so terrifying. I haven't even gotten to talk to my dh about it yet! But just pray that we will get into the system smoothly and that Jesus will bring us the right babies. (And also, this seems like the reason that Jesus is making us not get pregnant yet). Yow! I love you guys! Praise the Lord for being a God of faithfulness!


PromiseJubilee - April 19

Oh, also, Emily, that's SO cute about Mary! I love when they get to that stage, "I do it! I do it!" The cuteness just never ends!


Christy M - April 19

Congratulations Eli!!!! Such good news, I wish you the best for a healthy Pregnancy!!! Jeanette , will be sending extra prayers up for you too, Sure hate knowing you feel so bad, But God has his hand on you so you will be just fine!! Love ya !!! Will check back in a little later


Emily - April 20

ELi, congrats! Stick around and share your woos with us. I am doing it and all the girls are being so supportive even when I am sure they wish they were having my pregnancy problems....Jeanette, I did have to do this test with Mary and it does suck. am not too worried about the results as I was only borderline like last time. I have to reschedule my three hour test. I had it scheduled for Sat, but I now have a funeral to attend. My great uncle had bypa__s surgery about a month ago. He was 75 and he had already had one heart attack back in the early 80s. He hadn't been to the doc since, but did so this time cause he has twin grandchildren who about 18 mos. Well he never recovered fromt eh surgery and his kidneys finally shut down, he was on a resperator, had an infection that spread thoughout his bosy. They finally said enough last night. They pretty much knew he wasn't going to make it. I feel so bad for the twins. They weren't his only grandchildren, but the closest to him. I know how hard it would be for Mary to lose her papa. Anyway just keep us in your prayers....well gotta run, hope everyone else is having a better day.


Natasha - April 20

Eli, so great to hear from you, I have been wondering how you have been getting on in Chicago (it was Chicago wasn't it?) and big congrats on your pregnancy, do you know what your due date is?? Em, so sorry about your great uncle. My best friend who is 32 weeks pregnant has gestational diabetes, I was with her when she had the test and it looked vile! Thats my friend who had the threatened m/c at 16 weeks (not sure if you remember), she can't wait to get it all over with as she is huge and has been in and out of hospital. Talking of cuteness, her dd, Iona is almost 2 and sooooo cute, her laughter is incessant and very infectious. Christy, so great you can post again!


SweetP - April 20

Hi Christy!! Hi Eli!! So great to hear from you! CONGRATS!!! Thank you, Lord!! Well, you guys, today has been a little rough for me emotionally and its just 10:30!! I post at another site (www.ovusoft.com/forum) of Christian women TTC, and well, two of found out about that they are pregnant within days of each other, and I'm not even seeing EWCM yet and its CD14 for me. Trying to keep trusting the Lord, trying to keep my hope and faith in Him, trying not to let it get to me, doing my best not to go to the store and buy up all the OPKs, BBTs, Preseed and anything else I can get my hands on. Most of all, trying to be patient and TRUST God's timing instead of my own. Sorry for the sad song, just needed to vent a bit...


jeanette - April 20

Hey gals....feeling stronger today, praise God! Still bleeding, Doc thinks my body is trying to regulate after that little invasion of the surgery..and my cycle is early. It definately is a period cause it got heavier but no real cramps to speak of and no clots....so I'm good. He said it probably wouldnt look like a normal AF, most likely much lighter, cause it hasnt been that long since my last one....only about 20 days. Weird thing is I'm getting TONS of EWCM with it, and he thinks I may ovulate early. Says my body will be wacko for the next cycle or two. We still have to use condoms during the BD though. He recommended that for at least 2 weeks, but would prefer 4, while I heal inside. DH does NOT like it, and I don't care for those nasty things too much either, ugh.... Doc didnt want us to even do anything for 2 weeks but....well....you know how that goes over with our lovely h__y DH's... Anyway, he's real gentle and careful....and I didnt want to go without either...LOL!!! Emily, you all are in my prayers and have been since, well...forever! LOL! Sorry about your Uncle, I'm sure he is at peace and without any pain or troubles right now.....Are you feeling better doll?? Eli!!! Give us some details darlin!! Natasha, how are things with you? That glucose test IS VILE!! Blechhh.....Iona is such a CUTIE PIE name!! SweetP, thanks for your prayers during my little trial, much appreciated...as well as the rest of you who lifted me up during that time. Promise!!! What a vision! AWESOME!! You must be one of those special women who our Lord chooses to adopt those very special children, may Gid give you all the strength and wisdom you need during the process......SweetP, don't fret darlin, His timing will be such a blessing for you and DH!! Cling tight and let Him fill you up during the wait....I had a dream last night that I had a blood test that gave me a bfp....it was weird cause it was like a computer test where you put blood on a piece of paper and put it into a slot in a computer....and it came out with a + on the paper...I showed it to Rick, who was sitting next to me, and he cried. The dream ended with me telling some people I knew that I was pregnant. It was hard to wake up and realize I wasnt...lol! Hmmmm....I hope that doesnt mean that I wont get a bfp until we get that kind of technology...ROTFL!!! Christy, thanks for the extra prayers, they are working in a powerful way! I almost feel like myself again.....Ok, be back soon, gonna see if I can do a little light cleaning today and give my housekeeper a break on all the routine stuff she's been doing for me since I went in for surgery. I usually just have her do all the major stuff once a week, but she has been so helpful to us this past week that I'm gonna give her a big bonus in her salary this week, God bless her....talk to you all laterzzzzzzzz!


jeanette - April 20

This morning, if the Lord were to ask me -- "My child, what is your greatest wish for today?" I would respond: "Lord please, take care of the person who is reading this message, their family and their special friends. They deserve it and I love them very much" ----The love of God is like the ocean, you can see its beginning, but not its end.



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