2006 L A M B S Part 50

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jeanette - May 8

Hey gals.....I just wanted to tell everyone how much I love you all and appreciate you all in my life. I have never met a greater group of gals on the web. I am saying all of this cause unfortunately, I must go. God is calling me elsewhere and I wont have the time to keep up the thread or post very much. I am taking on two bible studies in my home for hurting women as well as getting involved in a homeless ministry, I will be doing a bit of traveleing before all that starts, as well as putting my kids through different summer camps that will keep me on my toes during the week. I have loved sharing my life with all of you, I have loved getting to know each and every one of your hearts, I have been blessed to have learned something from all of you and hope that my brief stay has taught you something as well....Please keep the thread going, I know it is an encouragement for all of you as well as people that dont even post....so keep going if you can! I will miss chatting with all of you and I promise to pop in once in awhile to check up on ya, see the BFP's, and say h__lo. God bless all of your dear sweet darlins.....I will miss you. Above all.....keep clinging to the Lord, shine your light on a hurting world, and let the world know the good news!! God bless!!


SweetP - May 8

Aww Jeanette!! Thank you!! You have NO idea how much sunshine and encouragement you bring to us all!! God bless you girl, in every sense of the word!!! You go and do what God is calling you to do, and things will be just fine :-). We'll miss you too!


Nell143 - May 9

Jeanette you will be missed! be sure to stop by. We will miss you so very much. Your one of the most impacting people I have never really met lol. I am glad to know you. MUCH LOVE. God bless you and your family.


Emily - May 9

Jeanette so sorry you must go, but God Bless you and your family. You have been a light to so many people hear, even ones who read but don't post, I am sure. Good luck in the direction your life takes and I wish you and your family much happiness. Hope you stop by once in a while. I hope the thread stays strong even without you hear. I fear in a couple of months, I will not be able to post much, with a new little one and Mary running around. They will keep me on my toes, but I will love every minute of it. God Bless all and lets stick around and continue to be an encouragement to those who need it. We will def miss Jeanette and her encouraging words......also will you be keeping your name on our yahoo site incase someone is in dire need of your support????


LN030905 - May 9

Aww Jeanette...will miss u greatly! God Bless you for opening your doors to those woman in need of the Lord! You know the impact you have had on my life!! Its amazing how someone over the internet can have that effect on a person! You are one of the most amazing women I have ever had a conversation with and I will never forget ya! God Bless you!


jeanette - May 9

Hey girls, thanks for all the sweet words. We are off to TX for some family time before my daughter's graduation and to visit old friends & church family, and then going with DH to Boston for a conference he is attending.....and after that? Well, we have til the end of June before everything gets real busy, so we are "planning" a 'spur of the moment' (lol) trip to somewhere....probably Florida, who knows...we are gonna need a bit of bonding time with just us & the kids to be refreshed for the new season in our lives beginning soon..... Thought I'd post one more time, and glad I did---- Emily, I did take all of my info off Yahoo, but I will leave my email here in case someone wants to get in touch. [email protected] Feel free to email me whenever you need, that goes for everyone! And you can also leave a message on www.jeanfam.piczo.com, on the guestbook if need be. Thanks for all your sweet words everyone....I will be thinking of you, praying for you, and missing you all......God bless darlins!


Karen S - May 9

Hi girls! Sorry I've been busy lately I haven't even had time to catch up. So being a mom is very stressful:) didn't realize how much work but it's worth it. I have a case of the baby blues:( it sucks I cry at everything. I miss being pregnant so much but he's here and he's beautiful. I have to find a way to get to my pictures and I will get them out. So labor wasn't all that bad I got my epidural around noon so I really didn't have it all that bad. When it came time to have the c-section though I was laying on the table and had a panic attack. I didn't want to go through with any of it. I FREAKED OUT. My bf try to calm me down as much as possible (He was great during the whole thing along with my mom who was in there) The Anesthesiologist told me that if I didn't keep my arms down he'd have to strap them down. I started shaking horribly (but they say that was the medicine) and then they started. I saw them cut me (from the reflection from the huge lights above) I saw them move things inside me and then I must have pa__sed out. Then I heard my mom or bf say look and so I looked and I saw my sons head coming out:) I said oh he has hair:) then he got stuck and the doctors began slamming their bodies on me and pushing on my stomach so hard that I was so uncomfortable. I never felt any pain though. Again I must have pa__sed out then all of a sudden I opened my eyes and saw my baby boy being held by my bf right in front of me. Then they took him to the nursery while I had to sit in recovery for about 2 hours. I didn't get to hold my son until 3 hours after he was born but when I did OH MY GOSH WHAT A FEELING! He's so beautiful I didn't think I could have been part of making something that beautiful. He resembles my bf as a baby! but I can see some of me in there too. But I still worry about that one thing, why I dont know, maybe cause Im crazy:) My bf's mother see's the both of us so I guess thats good right? My son weighed exactly 8 pounds when he was born and when we left the hospital he was 7 pounds 12 ounces so thats good I hear! This is too cute though my mom said that after the baby was born and they go to clean them off my bf and mom rushed over there to see him and baby Teigen was crying and my bf put his finger in Teigens hand and said "it's ok Teigan Im here" and my mom said that all of a sudden Teigan stopped crying and looked in the direction of my bf:) Doesn't that bring a tear to your eye:) So my bf was so great to me during everything! HE stayed the entire time I was in the hospital and waited on me hand and foot. I miss him so much right now, he had to go back to work:( but we need money so he has to do what he has to do:) In a way Im sorta glad I gotta a c section cause I didn't really have to do much but recovery is not fun but I hear that if you have a baby the normal way too. Oh yeah my doctor informed me while I was in recovery that she saw that my pelvic bone structure is faced more inwards than outwards and no matter what even if the baby had dropped he still wouldn't have fit. So thats a bumer that I will never have a baby the normal way:( but again good cause I dont have to do much work:) Well Teigen is waking up for his early luch:) I cant wait until I get all caught up with everyone I miss chatting but it seems like there isn't enough hours in the day:) talk to you all soon I miss you all :) P.S. Jeanette you cant go until I can chat with you more:(


Nell143 - May 10

Hey ladies how is everyone doing today? I am good. I have my first Dr. Appointment Friday. Any more BFPs coming? Karen that is so beautiful. I loved the part when Teigen holds his daddy's thumb and stops crying after he said it is alright awwwwww...... i can't wait. How is the little guy doing? Right now I am having major separation issues from my DH all of a sudden i can't stand to be away from him. lol. hormones.


Emily - May 10

Karen I had a v____al birth and I had the shakes too. They said it is very normal with the epidural and such. Glad you are doing well. I had a bit of the baby blues. It was so lonely after we left the hospital. no more nurses to check on us and family didn't visit as much,. as they were trying to give us space. I think I needed them as a distraction. But I got over it quick, like evreytime she cried and I needed to do something for her.....Nell so gald things are going well, and the hormones only get worse! i am at 33 weeks. Had an appointmnet yesterday. no wieght gain since last one and everything is good. I will have an internal exam next time to see if I may go late or early. Not sure how they tell that or not but he said late with my first and he was right so we shall see. I dont feel this one will be as big or as lte, but that reamians to be seen. I also thought she was a he so there you go for mothers intution or at least mine....


Karen S - May 10

Thanks Emily and Nell! He's doing great! Emily that is how I feel exactly. No more nurses and visitors it all went so fast. A week ago today I was in labor isn't that crazy? How long did you have the blues for? I want it to go away fast.


Emily - May 11

Karen, my blues were nothing major, just a general oh my Gosh, I have to do it all on my own kinda thing and they went away after I got a handle on what I needed to do. I just needed a bit of time to realize that I could do it. If you ever feel overwhelmed though, talk to someone. I had my mom. I never felt like I had to seek her out cause she was always asking me out to lunch with her and my aunts or to go to Wal-Mart with her(we live 30 minutes form a walmart but 45 minutes form one that is worht anything) So I always had someone around if I got too bored or overwelmed. I alsways siad I wish I could eb a stay at home mom and people would say, oh, you would get bored. but I dont' think so. I am lucky enough to live close to my mom who doesn't work and some of her sisters either don't work, or work part time, or are teachers and dont' work in the summer. So it was nice for me. I hope you have support of your family and friends around, Karen, it is a big help. if you eve need to talk, find me. If I am not around here, try my email. [email protected]


Karen S - May 11

Thanks Emily:)


Nell143 - May 11

Has anyone here had a ectopic pregnancy. I was wondering what the signs of one is?


Emily - May 12

I have never had one, but have heard that they are pretty painful, or can be. Pain around your overy, or just to one side, either in fornt on side or in back, bleeding, fever, sweats, chills. Are you worried about it? I always was ( i worried about everything.....) If so, call your doc, and hoepfully he or she can put you to ease......


Nell143 - May 12

Thank you Emily. I think I am just being paranoid. I just don't want anything to go wrong. I have a dr. appointment today so maybe I can get the doc to help me through my little anxieties. Poor DH I am driving him nuts. I keep crying and starting fights and then crying about. This man truly loves me to put up with me lol. How are you Emily? What is going on with you?


SweetP - May 12

Hi all!! Yay Karen! PTL everything is alright! I'm so happy the little one is safe and sound, and that you and DH are fine!! Nell, hope you're alright. Emily, you're getting close!!! As for me, I'm 1 week and 2 days late, no sign of AF, TONS of CM...just waiting for AF or BFP or SOMETHING!!! Will update later!!


Nell143 - May 12

Awww good luck Sweet P . Do you have any symptoms other than missed af? I really hope you also get a BFP!! Let us know. :-)



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