2006 L A M B S Part 51

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Nell143 - May 30

Good morning ladies. I figured I would start a new thread since the other one is sooo long and I miss talking to everyone. How is everyone I hope you are all well. I am sick to my tummy. I never thought I would complain but my m/s has gotten me down.... I spent the weekend in bed. I can barely accomplish a simple thing such as making dinner. Enough of my whining. Oh one of my co-workers found out she is also pregnant 2 weeks behind me. She has NO symptoms yet. URG! LOL! Jeanette how is your lil bean? Anyone else get any BFP's over the Memorial weekend? I want to hear all about it!!!! I feel June will be a good month for many of you. :-)


teeniemoon - May 30

Oh my goodness!!! Jeanette!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! Here... Have some sticky!!! :) I haven't been on for ages! I have too much going on. I'm still unpacking the house (big sigh), and working full-time, and going to school full-time. And, I'm getting married. Don't know if I've been on since I got engaged. And, to top everything off, we have his 13 year-old dd with us for the summer, along with my 3 dd's. This house is full of estrogen :) hehehe I am so glad to see how well everyone is doing. I've been dreaming a lot recently. Maybe it was Jeanette's little bean dropping in to say hi... Miss you ladies. Best of everything for you all!!!!! Love :)


Emily - May 31

Moring lambs, been missing you all. I go in today for another u/s to check the postion of the cervix and for an internal. The doc plans to be able to tell me if he thinks I will deliver soon. Anything after June 3 for me is concidered full term as I will be 37 weeks then. So we shall see. I am excited an nervous and just plan I dont' know. I am not ready! I mean we have everything we need, but I am not really mentally ready. I have not given up on out little Mary being the only baby around. She is so cute and amazes me every day......anyway I gotta run, but I will let you all know how my appointment this afternoon goes. I will probably not be back on till tomorrow though. Hope everyone is well. Nell take heart at least you being sick, is a good signt he baby is doing well.....and Tennie, congrats on all counts. I know we have congrats you on the house before, but now also to being engages. Hope you get everthing settled beofre the wedding.....and God Bless to everyone else too!


krissy - May 31

First off missed you all so much!!! and BIG BIG congrats to Nell and Jeanette! i cant believe it! that is so wonderful!!!! I am doing wonderful! i go in today at 4pm for my next prenatal appt. baby josh is doing great he kicks all the time now and is even right now. i am 25weeks this saturday i cant believe it!!!! my mom got to feel him kick yesterday. but i was wanted to do a quick popin and say hi i will check in more often bye for now!


Nell143 - May 31

Hey Everyone. Glad to see some posts teenie sounds like there are a ton of femine hormones roaming your home. Congrats on the Engagement! Emily thanks I know that the m/s is just a unfriendly reminder that things are going well. It just is getting hard because it is increasing. I hope your ultrasound goes well....I can't understand not being mentally ready it is going to be a big change. I can't imagine how different my life will become come January. Hey Krissy sounds as though things are well with you. Thank you for the congrats. I absolutely can't wait to be in the 2nd trimester so many exciting changes. I want to feel my baby kick and do flips....:-) I hope everone is doing well.... I wonder when we are going to here some more news on Jeanette. I have another Dr. Appointment on the 15th I am excited. Hopefully they will do an ultrasound so dh can see our lil bean. :-)


jeanette - May 31

Hey.....you gals wanna see somethin funny? www.jeanfam.piczo.com.....love you gals, cant stay....


Nell143 - May 31

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I am soooo excited for you Jeanette!!! I won't complain about morning sickness again I bet you are getting it far worse than I. Can you believe that? I am in shock. Did your DH totally flip! AWWWW!!!


jeanette - June 1

LOL, yes Nell, Rick flipped you could say...but happy. And yes, m/s is absolutely horrific......Sorry, had to take pic down, dont want the family to see it until we are 'outta the woods' so to speak. Gonna announce it after the first trimester and hope they all 3 make it, and can be measured. Love you all. Please pray for my 3 miracles.....God bless.


Emily - June 1

okay I missed it, the pic, I was too slow. Your what? Three little miricles???? Does that mean what I think that means? oh my gosh, what you must be feeling. Congrats! I had my u/s yesterday. Everything looks good. The placenta has moved up and out of the way and Marcy's head is down next top the cervix now. I am 1 cm diliated and cervix has began to soften, but is still really high, so it may be a while, but most likely before my due date on June 24. If I go before the 3rd, he will try to stop labor, but anything afte that is okay cause I wioll be at 37 weeks and that is concidered full term. I am so excited. Left the appointment and went shopping! I stocked up on all those things you dont' wantt o have to run to wal-mart for with a 2 year old and newborn in tow. Got lots of diapers, wipes, tp, papertowls, lauyndry dertergent, and such. also went crazy when I got home getting everything into place and getting the last of my hospital bag packed......can't wait now, am so excited.....well gotta run, hope to pop in later...


Nell143 - June 1

I am still just amazed for you Jeanette. Everything will be fine. Everything happens for a reason even those three babies... God helped you concieve them and he will protect them. Congrats Emily... I am excited for you.... my sister in law is due any day now too. She looks like she is just going to pop. I can't wait to be an aunt! Then a mom. Life certainly is good. :-) I can't wait to get out of the 1st trimester...I am almost there today I am 8 weeks. I can't imagine how bad the m/s has to be with 3 Jeanette. I certainly feel for you hun. How is everyone else.... and girls I think sweetp got herself a BFP I saw her over in the 1st trimester forum talking about her bean. I am happy for her. Suprised she didn't announce it over here.... or maybe I missed it.


teeniemoon - June 1

OH MY GOD!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THE PICTURE!!! How cool is that! 3. I can't imagine having three at the same time!!!! I'll pray for you girl!!!! Glad all is well. Be back in a bit to check in :)


LN030905 - June 1

TRIPLETS????? O my word!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in shock! How u must feel, whew!! I about had an emotional breakdown when I read about it over on Wanna Wait! LOL!...i got all choked up and teary I was so happy for ya, Jeanette! LOL! Emily, girl, your really close, too!! Thats so exciting! LOL! So excited for u! Hate to run ladies, but Im going to go re-arrange my bedroom furniture! Lots of Love to all!


Nell143 - June 2

Hi everyone how is everything? Emily? LN? Jeanette? teeniemoon? krissy? I am in a great mood today. M/S is tapering off a little and my sister in law is having some contractions and so she has a dr. appointment today! Hopefully I will be an auntie by this weekend. I am feeling good today except my back hurts but I won't complain. I am happy.


Emily - June 2

Hi all. Still here and sill pregnant. my dh keeps asking me how I feel and if I am having any pains. then he is disapointed when I say no I feel good.....hee, hee. well just droping in. gotta run. Hope everyone is well, Nell glad you are feeling better


Nell143 - June 2

Where are mah gurls at????????


teeniemoon - June 3

Hey there ladies :) I see there are more MIA than just me. I hope all is well :) I'm still unpacking, and that is my plan for today. I will come and check in every once in a while. I hope to hear from someone today :) Love and sticky to all :)


SweetP - June 3

WHAT!! How much did I miss!!! I've been gone so long...JEANETTE!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! PTL! Teenie, CONGRATS on the upcoming wedding!! Am I the only one left? I haven't had a period in 2 MONTHS, but all my tests are negative. I have a Dr.'s appointment next week Wednesday but not with my Gyn because I have to find a new one. I feel fine, just don't know what's going on, or what to think. The way I'm looking lately, I do think I'm pregnant, but without a positive test, what can ya do? I've got pregnancy dreams all the day long. Jeanette, I'm so happy for you, praise the Lord!! CONGRATS NELL!! Glad you're doing well Emily and Krissy. Almost time! Lots of love to all!



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