2006 L A M B S Part 51

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Nell143 - June 22

Good morning Frances! I am glad to see that your spirits are high. I have been praying for you and Jeanette! You both are such wonderful people and deserve your baby's I am sure it will all happen when the time is right. Otherwise I am sure there are other reasons for that. My coworker/friend who is also pregnant just broke up with her b/f. He use to have a drug addiction she became suspicious of it happening again. Later he admitted it. Finally he drew the last straw. Now she will be a single mother. I think she is strong though even though she may not see it just yet. I have been praying for her also. She is a good person who wanted to save the wrong guy. As I told her everything happens for a reason. The reason is that baby. :-) Well I am a bit busy at the moment so I will be back later. BYE!


Emily - June 23

Marcella “Marcy” Marie was born on Monday, June 19, 2006 at 6:12 pm. She was 7 lbs, 12 oz and was 21 inches long. I can not talk long, Mary is playing and Marcy is sleeping in her swing. Mommy and baby came home on Wed and are doing good. Big sister is getting used to the baby. She wants to hold her and touch her all the time so we have to keep a close eye on her. Anyway I will catch up later, just wanted to let everyone know our news….


LN030905 - June 23

HOW WONDERFUL!!! OH, Emily..so thrilled for u..u must be soo happy! Was the labor and everything alright for u this time? Thats Great news. Frances..did u go to the dr for more blood tests? how did those go? Weve been quiet in here! If you girls have time would you take a look at my posting "please help asap"..ive been having some intense pain and Im not sure what it could be or what it is. Id appreciate any help.Thanks girls. If nobody posts on here before this afternoon..lol..hope u all have a wonderful weekend!


Nell143 - June 23

Congrats Emily! It is time we have some good news in here. LN I will definitely check out your other post. Frances how are you doing sweetie? Give us an update. Has Jeanette contacted you? I hope she is doing better. I have been quite busy at work. Which I don't mind. I want the weeks to go by a little faster. The second trimester is right around the corner and I an anxiously awaiting it. How is everyone doing?


Frances - June 23

Hey ladies!! Yay Emily!! Blessings to you and your happy family!! Well, had the second blood test and the hcg is indeed dropping as we knew it would. I will go in to see the doc on July 10th so they can make sure all is well, so that probably puts us out of the running for June and July. Actually, I'm more annoyed about that than anything! How impatient am I!?!? Anyway, things are moving right along and going back toward normal. I'm exceedingly grateful for that, although they did tell me that I need to take it pretty easy until the bleeding stops on it's own. Well now ya tell me! So, I will be having a nice quiet weekend at home with my feet up and my son in my lap. Maybe we'll have a rented movie marathon complete with popcorn and soda and every Muppet movie ever made. Our favorites!! Hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend and I'll check back with you all later!


Emily - June 23

Oh my ladies just had time to catch up on posts. My heart goes out to all of you. I am crying. I can not imagine how Jeanette feels and Frances, dear you seem to be taking this very well. I am so gald to have little Marcy. I was so scared something was going to wrong and I found out that it could very well have. They broke my water at 9:30 and my 11 my contractions were very uncomfortable. They did go ahead and decide on the pitosin again as they didn't want me in labor forver angain. I got the epi about a half an hour or so after the pitosin but she also gave me something with the pitosin before I got the epi and it wasn't bad. That was at about 2:.30. at 5 I was at 7cm and by 6, the doc came back into to check me again and didn't haver to cause the head was crowning! Once she was born (after only three pushes) the doc went to deliver the placenta. Well there is were I know God was with us. It is good I had to be induced. If I had gone on my own, it could have been dangerous. The cord was atached to a thin part of the placenta instead of the meaty part (that is how my doc put it) Anywa if he hadn't broke my water and it had broken on it's own, then the cord could have detached from the placenta and that would have been very dangerous for both of us. So God was watching out for us. Anyway I want to say again how sorry I am for those of you having tyring times. I am praying for you and for more good news for this thread soon.


teeniemoon - June 27

Oh my ladies... Where did everyone go? I miss you. I don't know what is going on with me. I was due for af on Monday. Not here yet, although i feel that i could start anytime. My bbs are HUGE! Not just a little tender and swollen, but absolutely coming out of my bra. And I'm a very small busted woman so i can definitely tell the difference. The only problem is, is I had my tubes tied three years ago. ??? Also, I'm so hot at night that I can't sleep. This is the same person who has slept my whole life with two comforters on my bed. Winter or summer. Now a sheet is too hot... What's going on with me ladies? Where is everyone. Hey, could I be going through menopause at 34?



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