2006 L A M B S Part 52

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Nell143 - June 26

Well I am not letting Lambs die out because Jeanette isn't here. I know she would be upset to hear that. Let's keep is going ladies! For Jeanette! We MISS YOU JEANETTE! How is everyone doing? Frances I read your last post and I must say you are an amazing woman. You seem to be very strong and very positive. We are all lucky to have you here. Emily How is your darling little one? I bet life is just amazing for you right now. i am very happy for you! Krissy, LN, SweetP, EVERYONE How are you all? I am feeling pretty good these days. Thank god for the meds. They have worked wonders for me to help with the throwing up. Why didn't anyone tell me how AMAZING food is when you want it? It is like the taste of certain foods is like 10 times better than every before. I am loving it! I still can only eat in small portions but hey I am eating! :-) Also, I got my s_x drive back and it is way more uhm fun!


Frances - June 26

God bless you Nell for keeping Lambs alive! Thanks too for the compliment, but I don't deserve it! I just have an amazing family, amazing friends (including all the ladies here) and God to carry me through the tough times. I have so many blessings, in fact, that it makes it easy. My mother is an athiest and had 3 miscarriages when she was younger, one was a late term miscarriage. I never could understand how she managed to get through it with no faith. I'm so pleased that your meds are doing their job and making life more tolerable for you. I hate feeling sick so I can sympathize! Yay for your s_x drive! It's good for marital relations all around when you have one. Well ladies, lets keep it going!! I'll check back later. Blessings, ladies!!


Nell143 - June 27

Thanks Frances. Seems like not many were on yesterday, Hopefully people come back to Lambs. I am glad your friends, family and faith have kept you strong. Yeah life is good. I had a horrible dream last night. I had started bleeding and needed to go to the ER. I went and they put me on bed rest for the whole 9 months. I am grateful that I didn't lose the baby in the dream but it still scared the daylights outta me.


Emily - June 29

Hello all. I have been so busy. Sorry I haven't been around. I will have more time to check in once I am back to work. I will be able to check in on my breaks and what not. Well we are all doing well. Adjusting to life with two littel ones. I hope everyone is well and you are all iun my prayers....


Frances - June 30

Glad things are adjusting well Emily! Don't feel pressured to make time for us if things are hectic though!! We understand. How are things Nell? Hope everyone else is doing well!! Happy 4th of July weekend to all!!


LN030905 - June 30

Hey guys!!! I have been MIA on here, too!! How is everyone doing? Frances..are you taking summer cla__ses, too? How old is ur lil one and what is his name (if you dont like to say it on the net, thats fine!) ...I couldnt remember. Emily..must be a pretty big change to have an infant in the house. How is Mary reacting to the lil one? What a blessing!! I pray every day for a lil girl in my lifetime! LOL! You have two!! Has anyone talked to or heard from Jeanette? I have been wondering, of course, how she is doing. Is she still doing the bible study out of her home? Miss Nell, Im so happy that we found one another on myspace!!! I havent checked out those belly shots yet, but Im going to do that as soon as I get down here!! Not alot going on with me. Babysitting today...my lil bro came at 7am..ugh!! I was sleeping..LOL!..and Connor will be here at noon. Then Tommy will be home early today. I look forward to Fridays! Not alot going on this weekend! We were going to have a yard sale this weekend but decided itd be better to do it next! Supposed to go to Lamberts tomorrow..do you guys know what that is..its in Mo?..its where they throw the rolls...lol! I dont think we are going to go though bc it would be with the inlaws and we are going to be seeing alot out of them..LOL!!! We have to take them in strides!! LOL! Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July! I love fireworks! We may be going down to Paducah, Ky to watch them...they are great when shot off over the river. Alright, well, I hope everyone is doing well!! I will talk to you later.


Natasha - July 1

hi all, I know I haven't posted in ages, but I have been trying to keep uo with all the posts. Congrats Nell on your pregnancy and thanks for keeping the thread alive (i promise to check in more often) Congrats to Emily for your new arrival, hope she brings you years of happiness and joy. Frances, sorry about your loss, I don't know how I would have got through it myself 3 years ago if i wasn't a Christian. I guess its trusting that He can see the bigger picture. I haven't posted as we haven't been trying lately, altho we plan to start again this next cycle. My cycles were 8 - 10 weeks long and now I have lost 2 stone and exercising most days, I seem to be regulating for the first time in my life. I am so amazed at this. I really feel God is helping me lose weight and that my time to get pregnant is just around the corner! I have been put on a wating list ot go to a fertility clinic but it will take approx 46 weeks to get an appointment, so I really hope to have either lost a lot of weight by then or to be preggers already!!


Nell143 - July 1

Well I am glad to see some activity. I haven't been on too much. Yesterday I went to a seminar for work. It was a good one. I was impressed. Emily I can only imagine how eventful your life must be at this point. Frances I am doing well thank you for asking. Lately just trying to fight my naughty cravings for very high fat foods. I really don't have plans for the 4th Mike has to work :-(. How are you doing Frances? Any plans for the 4th? I was also wondering about Jeanette.... LN yes do check them out. My dad was like uh why are you taking pics in ur underwear... what can I say I have no shame lol! Thank you Natasha and welcome back. Congrats on regulating cycles and we are behind you in your weight loss goal. When you are good and ready you will concieve. God has it planned for all of us. I truly believe that. LN sounds like you will be having a great fourth! What is everyone's plans?


Emily - July 2

Hello all. I haven't much time. my littel ones are in bed and I should be,,,,hee, hee. Well just stoped in to see how everyone was. I am praying for everyone. My heart is so sad when I stop to think about Jeanette, hope she is doing well. I hope eveyone has a great and safe fouth, I will be praying for each of you......will try to check in next week....


Nell143 - July 3

I know what you mean Emily. WE MISS YOU JEANETTE!! I am sure she is doing better. Sometimes it is less painful when you can just forget. Pretend like it didn't happen. Well She is in our prayers. I believe she will come back 10 times stronger from this experience. :-) Sounds like things are certainly well for you Emily. :-) This summer heat is kicking my b___t! I feel so sick because of it. 110 degree whether NO FUN! Hope everyone is well?


Frances - July 4

Hey ladies, just popping in to say happy 4th of July to you all!! I hope your holiday is blessed with fun and family and that it is safe and pleasing to all of you!! You are all in my prayers!


LN030905 - July 4

Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you all about another answered prayer in my life..I am soo amazed about this one..its kinda a long story (are u surprised? lol)..but go to myspace.com/LerinR and read about it on my latest blog. I have prayed and cried soo hard and soo long for this and finally it is working!! Its just amazing!! Please read it if u get a chance!! HAPPY 4th TO ALL OF YOU LADIES!! GOD BLESS !!!!! Love ya!


Nell143 - July 5

LN I read all about it and I posted a comment on ur blog. That is so wonderful!


Frances - July 6

Hey girls, how was everyone's holiday? Hope you all had a fabulous 4th! Ours was great, but super busy and tiring! We had a wonderful time. We helped my sis and bro finish their deck and then bbq'd and saw the fireworks and had a fantastic time! I did get a terrible sunburn though, but I figure it is a small price to pay. LN, that is awesome news! Your family must be basking in the blessings!! Anyway, I must get off to bed, but I'm glad things are going well here! Love and prayers!


Sissy - July 6

Hi hirls,just checking in. I am just heartbroken for Jeanette and Frances, prayin for you ladies. Well still on bedrest, still have complete previa and preterm labor, but made it to the drs goal, 30 weeks!I lost my mucous plug Monday so anytime now,but would like to wait at least 3-4 weeks,Time has gone so fast. hugs and babydust all!!BTW--congrats on the healthy baby [email protected]!!!


Nell143 - July 7

Well I thought I would just bump this back up so Jeanette can see how lambs are doing. My fourth was relaxing I didn't do much of anything. Frances glad to hear you enjoyed your fourth. LN where ya been? How are you doing? Hey Sissy good to hear you made it to your 30 week goal. My prayers are with you! How is everyone else doing?



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