20 And Ttc But I Don T Think I Am Ovulating

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nell - October 17

My fiance and I have been ttc and it hasn't been happening. I got off of the depo in February and I am now wondering if I am even ovulating. AF showed this morning....granted w/o the normal really painful cramps I am use to...brownish pink in color rather than the normal red...sorry tmi. Also it is a day early not too bad. took to hpt and neg so I am certain I am out for this month. Is this normal I am 20 and should be very fertile. I have heard recently very bad things about the depo and I am kinda scared I am unable to concieve. If I show no signs of ovulation next month after I get the opk tests Then I am definitly going to the dr. I just wanted to know how many other women have experienced this problem and if there is anything homeopathic perhaps I can try.


bump - October 17



Angela - October 17

Have you tried taking Vitex? They say that its a slow working herb but works well over time.


nell - October 17

no but I will definitly look into it thank you.


Pepsi - October 17

One very good way to see if you're ovuating before taking things further, like going to a doctor, is to chart your BBT. This way, at the end of your cycle you can look back and see if you did ovulate by your temp rise and CM signs. Do you have egg white or stretchy CM? This too can be a sign of fertility and when you get it, that's when you should BD for best chances!


Grandpa Viv - October 17

Take another hpt a week from now. Brown and pink spotting can be a sign of implantaion. Good luck.


nell - October 18

I am kinda sure this my regular af. No mojor cramps but regular flow. Depending on how long it lasts is what I will determine that by. Pepsi thank you for the advice I am looking forward to concieving my first child in the future. I will take another test in a week if just in case thanx Grandpa viv. Right now exhaustion is the main sign. I came home from work and fell asleep for like 4 hrs. and feel like I can sleep for a few days.


nell - October 20

well af came for two days regular... stopped this morning... we'll seee is this normal could IB be normal flow?


nell - October 20

also I had little cramping not like my normal whoa that hurts cramps.


kim - October 20

I have also heard bad things about Depo, many women can't concieve after taking this.



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