20 Days Late For Period Please Help

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Tara_leigh115 - February 2

I apologise for the length of this post but wanted to give as much info as needed! :) I am now 20 days late for my period, I was due on the 13th January, I keep track of my periods and no my average cycle is 31 days. I have never been late before and my periods are regular, I have not been using any contraception for the last 4 months. I have done 3 home pregnancy tests one after 5 days late on the 18th Jan, one on the 21st Jan after 8 days late (both of these were done at night) and one on the morning of 27th after 14 days late. All three were negative, but the last one was a clear blue test it looked negative but couldn't be sure if there was a very faint positive as In the light I could see a very faint cross line? I went to the doctors on the 26th and did a urine sample the following morning. The results came back on 31st and were also negative. I have been back to the doctors again this morning and he has advised that I keep doing tests for the next few weeks but there £8 a go, also If I am pregnant I would like to be sure so I can start to take the medication which Is needed throughout a pregnancy. I would like to know if anyone has had the same experience and what happened in the end? Were you pregnant? A little bit more information for you, I am 22 years old I have not lost or put on a huge amount of weight, I have not been stressed, I have been eating as usual and have done no more exercise than usual. I have noticed that my trousers feel a little tighter, an I may have put on a pound or so in weight.. Over the last few weeks I have been getting pregnancy symptoms such as: 1) Tender nipples - at night mostly, but I h e noticed little lumps around my nipple but no colourful change 2) I had a clear gooey like discharge during the week I should have been on my period 3) I have experienced some nausea, it's on and off throughout the day feels like butterflies but worse? 4) I have had lower back pains but again only at night time 5) Headaches, keep coming and going 6) Fatigue - finding myself very tired in the morning when getting up and I have been going to bed earlier 7) Some cramps but these were around the week my period was due, these have now stopped 8) Urination - been going to the toilet a lot more than usual twice every hour 9) Some heartburn - like a acid feeling again this happens mostly at night 10) Bloating 11) Mood swings! Been annoyed and irritable a lot more than usual Again I apologise for the length of this post! Please can someone offer any advice? Thanks xx


tracymartinez - February 8

I was hoping to see an answer to your post! I'm in the same boat!


Grandpa Viv - February 8

Tara, this is a good list of early preg signs. I take it you have been trying to conceive. If you don't get a positive test by the time you miss a second period, ask the doc for an ultrasound / sonogram to see if you have a cyst causing your problems. GL!


Jada_Love - February 9

Hi all I found many in same boat in the forum "pregnancy test" here...you will find more support on that thread


Linash Bee - April 8

am on the same now...20 days late and I feel all the symptoms just like you do.. please let us know the outcome of it please


maggiemayyyyy - April 28

Ok everyone first off im really happy I stumbled upon this forum. I was 20 days late exactly  I didnt take any test of any sort. It took me a while to figure stuff out with my cycle. It happened march 6 (sex). I didnt have very many cramps. But I did get nausea but that was from an ear infection I had at the time. I started my period 20 days exactly.  It was a heavyperiod. Lasting I think 2-3 days. Today I am 3 days late onthis months period and I have not had sex since my last period. I am having cramps but thats it. Is it still possible I could be pregnant


Grandpa Viv - April 28

Maggie, if you have not had sex since your last period it's difficult to see how you could be pregnant. If you got pregnant in the previous cycle and had some kind of bleed anyway, by now you would have all sorts of early pregnancy signs to list. You do seem to have developed an irregularity issue which could be weird gland function or an ovarian cyst.


Rm.molina.7 - April 21

Last year i got pregnant but not the baby inside my womb this is a molar pregnancy. Thats why when we keep having sex with my hubby i got vaginal bleeding. Now if i'm pregnant the baby was alive? 9months after my sunction. Please answer my question!


Denizerer - April 28

Those are the signs of pregnant. You might not seeing the result in PT but I am sure you are positive. For better result, go to your OB for ultrasound. Hoping to cllear things up



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