21 And Might Be Pregnant

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Katie - September 1

I'm 21 and I haven't had my period yet, just light brown spotting. I have been on birth control for three years so I would even know the exact day and time (wednesdays at noon) my periods come. My periods are usually VERY heavy. Anyway, I have an appointment later today with a doctor to get a pregnancy test done. I don't want a baby now, but it wouldn't be horrible if I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years and planning to get married (we planned this way before I thought I may be pregnant) He graduated from college and has a good job. I'm mainly nervous because I'm going to have to tell my parents if I am pregnant, and they're going to be very upset. Just looking for some support. Especially from someone my age. Thanks.


Ruth - August 19

Hi Katie. (I had posted under brown discharge) I'm 22 and married and we weren't exactly planning to be pregnant already but if we are we'll be very excited! The one thing I've been wondering about and could be true in your situation too, is that I'm always thinking about whether I'm pregnant or not and it could be the stress of it on my mind all the time that has delayed my period. The only difference is that you're still on your bc right? Don't worry about telling your parents either. They may be upset but you're still their daugther and they'll love you no matter what. It sounds like you and your bf are in a loving relationship and that he'll also be there to support you. Take care and good luck Katie.


*Lemon* - August 20

Hi Katie, I'm also 21 and suspect I may be pregnant so I know how you feel! Have you been under alot of stress lately? Have you been on any medication? These things can cause a period to be late/different. If you've missed a pill or have felt ill/thrown up the pill could have been affected, or that 3% may have just got you! Good luck! *Lemon*


Katie - August 24

hey ya'll its me. I went to the doctor and they said it was too early to have a pregnancy test done and to wait. My boyfriend I mentioned is now my fiance. He asked me to marry him on friday. :) Anyway, I'll keep ya'll updated. To answer Lemon. No, I haven't been stressed until I missed my period, so I don't think that's it. Also, I'm not on any medication. I did however miss a pill. Last month I took a pill at the normal time and I went to bed and I must have taken one sleep-walking or something cuz all of a sudden I was on the wrong day. So I skipped a day to get back on track. I'm thinking that was the problem. But hopefully I'm not pregnant since I had two pills accidentally and its like twice the hormone. I dunno.....I'll keep you updated. Please respond back. :) It's nice to know someone who's kinda in the same boat.


Katie - September 1

Someone please respond.



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