22 And Confused

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Karen - November 28

Here is my story. I might be pregnant but I am to scared to find out because I have a strict family. I have had a really strong earge to sleep all the time my appitete has increased I have missed my period but I am not sure by how long because I don't keep track. Could I just be making myself feel pregnant? I have had severe back aches and Headaches and had to pee a lot more I have had really bad gas. I thought this weekend I felt the baby move. I have sore br___ts and my stomach is getting bigger but I have had my period last month and it lasted three days and it wasn't normal it was pink and I had spotting this month and a lot of mucus discharge and a lot of cramping. I am scared and need help any advice appreciated


chrissy - November 28

first of all you adult... i'm sure you dont wanna upset you family, but if you are its you baby and not their business or place to say... so if you are dont worry yourself its not good for you... you need to test at home or make appt with a doc... and if you are i'm sure sooner or later everyone will come around.. because babies or fun and loveable and i'm sure they love you.. and would welcome you child... just dont worry yourself sick... just test and find out... good luck in whatever your choice maybe...


K.J. - November 28

It sounds liek you are just making yourself scared over nothing. you said you had your period last month and you then said you felt the baby move? There wouldn't be a baby big enough to move. You have to be 4-5 months pregnant to have any form of motion from a baby. Take another test if you already haven't just to ease your mind.


Grandpa Viv - November 29

Karen, you have numerous cla__sic signs of pregnancy and your last two periods have not been normal. My guess is that you are 8 weeks pregnant, though even that is too soon to feel movement. Because of your family background you are doing the denial thing in spades, pretending that if you ignore it, it will go away. Please make an appointment with the County Health Department or with Planned Parenthood (1-800-230-PLAN) for a check up and pre-natal care. You will be able to hide this from your parents for a couple of months more, if you choose, but since they are going to be involved financially and with other support, I think it only fair that you tell them aas soon as you have confirmation. Our hearts go with you.



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