23 Days Late All Pregnancy Symptoms Negative Blood Test

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Amy - August 26

I don't know what to think....I am now 23 days late and I have have all the symptoms of preggo! My blood test is negative, but I really think that I am pregnant! What should I do? Has this ever happened to anyone and later shown up that they really were pregnant?


milissa - August 26

I am going through the same thing and I look it, and totaly feel like it! this would be my second child and I just know! I think it is to early to tell I didnt find out with my son till I was 2 months. and I was having nausea and sick all the time. Now I am just realy tired always hungry and a bland taste in my mouth. My nipples are like "hello"! So just play the waiting game and wait it out for a week and then test again. Thats what I'm doing Good luck


AMy - August 26

Thanks Melissa! I feel the same way! That gives me such encouragement! I hope I am!


Julie - September 13

Amy, I have the same thing going on. 24 days late for normal period, just came from the Dr. and I just had another blood test. He thinks it will be negative. Asked me to start a type of progesterone that they give women who are pg and don't make enough, ensured it was safe if I am. Take for 7 days and then if you get period, you're not pg, if you don't get period, then you are. I totally feel pregnant, all the signs, but he said that can also be from the hormones in your body that didnt' go away since you didnt' get your period. Symptoms are much like pregnancy. Don't want to disappoint you, you may be pg, and I may be pg, but I just came from Dr. and that is what he said.......please keep us posted.


Susan - September 15

Same thing here...I think new tests need to come out, becuz not knowing the truth can be damaging sometimes.


Carrie - September 16

I am 47 days late, 5 negative hpt tests, 1 blood test by Doctor & 2 weeks of very sore b___sts later. What should I do now


Susan - September 16

I think if my period doesn't start by the end of the month, I am going to ask for a v____al examination. For Carrie, I would advise the same thing except immediately.


Julie - September 16

Regarding having a v____al examination to help determine. I asked my Dr. about that and what he said was, if its not big enough to be producing hcg to give you a positive test, I won't be able to feel anything different and ultrasound won't be able to see anything............just what my Dr. said... good luck!! :o)


Sabrina - September 17

If the blood test is negative, you're NOT pregnant. The urine test can be off, but , the blood test will pick up even a hint of the HPT hormone. The expactation that you are pregnant can actually prevent it from happening sometimes. I am truly sorry.


Denise - September 17

I'm 45 days late with a negative blood test...never been late before. I was nauseous and everything for a few weeks. Now nothing has cahnged. Any thoughts on that?!


Stephanie - September 17

Amy, My LMP was 7/8/04. I have taken 10 HPT's & 2 blood tests at Dr. and they were all negative. This past monday 9/13 I took another blood test, It was positive. I go to the Dr. next Tue. 21st to confirm. I had the same thing happen with my first pregnancy 8 years ago. So, Amy, anything is possible. Sabrina, A blood test can be wrong. Everybody is different and their body reacts in different ways. The only sure way to know is through ultrasound after about 6-8 weeks. Amy, Just trust your body & wait it out. Make your Dr. listen to your concerns. Just because you are not reacting the way the textbooks say you are supposed to does not necessarily mean that you are definately not pregnant. There are many, many, people who have posted on this site & others who have had the same experience as me. Good Luck!


Susan - September 17

Hey, Stephanie. I am having the same thing. My last period was July 7. I had a blood test the beginning of September come out negative (along with negative hpt's). Should I go have another taken? I am showing majority of the signs of a pregnant woman. My dr gave me some pills to help start my period but they told that if I don't in two weeks, to come back. Got any advice for me?


Stephanie - September 17

Susan, If I were you I would call your Dr. back & ask for a v____al ultrasound. We should be about 10 weeks along now so they should definately be able to see something. I found a website www.hcglab.com alot of it was over my head but it explained how the pregnancy test work & how the hcg molucules in our blood & urine attach to the control antibodies and forms a "bridge" The bridges are then counted & that gives you your hcg level. (If I understood all of it correctly thats how it works) I also read on another website that when fertilization first occurs you produce one kind of HCG (there are about 6-7 different kinds) and then when implantation occurs the hcg you are producing begins to convert into the Beta HCG (which is what the tests look for) Most of the tests only look for the Beta HCG, so I came to the conclusion that maybe with some of us either there is a problem in the way that our HCG attaches to the antibodies, or we don't convert over to the Beta HCG as fast as most people, therefore we get negative tests when we are actually pregnant. Hope that makes sense. I will come back to this thread and let everybody know what I find out after I go to the Dr. next week. Good Luck and stay positive!


Susan - September 17

Thanks Stephanie. Should I call my doctor for the ultrasound or what? He's my new doctor and the people really don't seem to care. I want to know before I get to far along and not know. Is there a place I can go to and just tell them my situation and explain what I need done? Thanks.


Stephanie - September 20

Susan, I would start with your Dr. one more time. If he is not interested in hearing what you have to say then I would either talk to friends & neighbors & see if they can suggest another Dr. or just pull out the phone book & start calling. Let me know how it turns out.


Lisa - September 20

I am also late (18 days), I noticed that I was having all the symptoms of pregnancy, took HPT, negative. A week later still no period, took HPT, still negative. Then I went to the doctor, negative on the blood test. So, I waited two more weeks. This past Saturday, I had major cramping from my abdomen to my legs. I went to the restroom later, I wiped and discovered a light pink tint on the tissue. Sunday past, clear as a bell. Today, I went to the restroom again and discovered what I would a__sume "old blood", dark brownish color, on the tissue. Of course I'm alarmed so I contacted my doctor and I've decided to see a specialist today at 3:30pm. I will keep you posted on the results. Although my primary doctor seems to think it's not pregnancy, but I differ with her so I am going to get a second opinion due to my weird circ_mstances lately I don't want to take any chances and it's frustrating not knowing. I feel confident that I am, so it would be nice to get an answer ASAP. Again, I'll keep you posted later tonight on what this doctor has to say.


Susan - September 21

Hey, my period came on Sept. 18. I guess my body was just screwing with my head. Anyway, my hubsand and I have decided to start trying. I guess the pills worked. thanks anyway for the advice stephanie.



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