23 Days Late All Pregnancy Symptoms Negative Blood Test

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Susan - September 21

Hey, my period came on Sept. 18. I guess my body was just screwing with my head. Anyway, my hubsand and I have decided to start trying. I guess the pills worked. thanks anyway for the advice stephanie.


Mummykayla - November 30

So I’m 23 days Late And TCC done a few different test all neg even the urine test for the drs came back negative no real signs of pregnancy apart from I’m absolutely shattered all the time I feel bloated and a couple of weeks ago I had very itchy nipples but I never had any with my first child so a little confused about it all not sure what to do next


Kristen97 - January 9

i am 23 days late right now myself, i had 3 positive HPT but then all the ones after that were negative. so i decided to get blood work done and that was negative but still no period.. i have one child already and was just so certain i was pregg.. i still am really though but i dont know. its confusing.....


Grandpa Viv - January 10

Is it possible you had a pregnancy that has now failed? If that is the case and your next period does not correct the situation, another doctor visit will be in order. 


Claire2712 - January 12

I’m 33 and have a 14 year old I didn’t no I was pregnant with her until 4 days before I had her so this is all new to me. I had a period on1 Nov then in Dec had a little spotting nothing where I needed to wear a pad. So now still no period and I have done 3 tests in Dec 2 were defo neg 1 I’m unsure on as not sure if there was a very faint line. I have been feeling slightly sick and had headaches my boobs look and feel bigger nipples are hard sore and darker I have no appetite when I do it eat and drink I have no taste. Went docs other day as had dihiorea he said I’m deyhdrated. I keep getting strange aching stretching sensation in my lower belly. Any help or advise 


Grandpa Viv - January 12

I guess one more test would not hurt. If it still shows negative you will have to ask for an ultrasound to check for a cyst, or perhaps ask if a glandular upset could be the cause of your symptoms. 



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