23 DPO One Week Late

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grad19 - March 14

Hi ladies. I'm new here so bear with me. I am one week late today and 23 DPO. I don't have any AF symptoms and no pregnancy symptoms. I took a HPT this a.m. and was negative. Called the doctor and the nurse said to wait until the end of the week and if there is still no AF and negativ HPT to come in for a blood test. I'd rather just get a blood test now and not be in suspense. What do you think I should do?? Should I just call my regular doc and not my GYN? Thanks in advance for all your help.


michelle - March 14

In regards to your period and possible pregnancy i would stick w/gyn. Did you just get off bc?


linds99 - March 14

Hi grad19, the same thing happened to me last month!!! I got AF Dec 23, then was expecting it Jan 30 and it didn't show its head until Feb 8... I was 8 days late...I went to the doctor (after getting a negative PT) and she did a blood test..which determined I wasn't preggers. But anyway, I think you should wait a few more days, maybe eat somthing with more iron to spur your AF to come like meat or something very green and rich in iron like spinach. It always works for me. Sometimes, when the body is iron deficient, the body won't trigger AF because it senses the low iron and it is protecting itself by not "bleeding" or delaying bleeding. You have no sore b___bs?


grad19 - March 14

Thanks for all your input. I am not sure if the symptoms I am feeling are real or not. Thats why I sais I had none. I am much more tired, I have sharp pains that come and go in my breats, and my stomach almost feels like there is movement, if that makes any sense? I pee a lot but I think I do normally. I have been off birth control since November.


Lin - March 14

The movement you feel is most likely just gas. Even if you were pregnant, you definitely wouldn't feel movements of baby yet - that doesn' happen for many more weeks.


grad19 - March 15

When I say movement, I clearly didn't mean a baby moving in there! What I meant was that it feels like rumbling and pushing in the inside. Almost like when you are starving and your stomach goes nuts!



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