2 1st Time PG Ladies

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Ceno - May 11

Shortly after you conceived, from your remembrance, did you get any symptoms that resulted in a positive HPT? For a few days, I've had uterine cramping (from severe to moderate to slight) for 3 days straight, emotional for a day (yesterday), and woke up today with sore/tender br___ts.


Lin - May 11

I personally don't think that anyone could even answer that question accurately. There's no way to know what is due to pregnancy and what is not. Many women on here have pregnancy symptoms when they're not pregnant, and other women have the same exact symptoms and are, but that doesn't necessarily mean that those symptoms were caused by the pregnancy. I was watching A Baby Story awhile back, and some woman tried to claim that she knew she was pregnant the day she conceived, because she got a zit and never got them. That's just ridiculous, because it isn't even possible for that to be caused by pregnancy so soon. Just because someone ends up pregnant doesn't mean that their pregnancy symptoms are actually caused by the pregnancy.


Kelly - May 11

How many days post ovulation are you? My symptoms prior to my positive pregnancy test were the exact same as PMS. Every month I had sore b___sts, mood swings and uterine discomfort. The only reason I thought I was pregnant was frequent urination and steady high temps. I am now almost 6 weeks along.


Emma2 - May 12

Well, form what I remember the night I actually had s_x I dreamt of twins sticking their feet out of my tummy. Then after I O'ed I had cramps for a few days. I noticed my blue veins on my b___bs at approx 10dpo and tested on day 12~ Im now 3 months!


Emma2 - May 12

Call me crazy but I swear the dream the night that got me pregnant was my biggest sign. Ever have that intuition?


akm - May 12

I think dreams can be a sign for sure...I've got an even crazier one than that... Last May 19th, I kept hearing this music all day wherever I went. It was like choir music and it went on-an-on never actually repeating. It wasn't like having a song in my head, I thought I was actually hearing it... I kept turning off speakers wherever I went. Well a couple weeks later I missed AF and found out I was pg even though I hadn't had any symptoms. Then I used a calculator to find out when I would have concieved... it was May 19th! Definitly weird.


Emma2 - May 12

Yeah weird!!!! I remember that night I woke in such a shock because I never dream of being pregnant! I wasnt even trying! And I woke up and my bf was annoyed and I yelled" omg im having a baby or two" He laughed and thought i was crazy and I was just so freaked out because someting inside me told me this was for real!!! I can't ever explain it properly...It so scary!



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