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i am not sure if i am pregnant or not.... if i am i would b around 2-3 weeks...... i know that most woman are different but if anything.... what would be the symtoms that i could be feeling around this time????


confused symtoms - May 7

well i gues no one has ne comments on this... please anyone.. this is smething that i am realy thinkking about... please give me your slightest opinions... thankx


hello - May 7

hello, check out this webpage - they have great info. go to cla__ses, then cla__ses index, chose conception to 12 weeks. there they talk about what symptoms to expect. http://www.birth.com.au


superbadchick - May 7

you may have no symptoms at all. with my first three pregnancies, a missed period was my only indicator. no sore b___bs, no tiredness, etc. everyone is different.


confsued symetoms - May 7

ALRIGHT HTANK YOU... i was jus concerded becaue i am having what i feel is " pregnancy symtoms" but it all could be n my head.. thank you very much


Grandpa Viv - May 7

Fatigue, peeing more, intestinal upsets, unusual b___b changes are a few of the more common signs. Good luck!



the signs that i have been geting are .... SHARP BACK ACHZ THAT LEAD TO THE FRONT( under my belly botton) these are shartppp sharpp sharpp pains to where im literly crying.... umm... i belive that i am peeing more... but i am not certin.... i know that i do burp aloot( like if i am going to thorw up, its at my thorwt but never comes up allt he way) for a couple days now( two days) i have been feling a lil drowzy but the signs that i know fors ure that have neve been three before are the sharp pains i get from my lowr backthat come around to my stomcah( under belly botton) and how my period was, when i only had very light bleeding for about a day or so.... tHESE are my only symtoms that i feel that could lead me to the answer of PREGNANT....



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