2 Day Period

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jane - February 24

Hello. AF lasted two days this month. Everything seemed normal, except that it was 2 days and not 4. Can this possibly be implantation bleeding? I don't really think I have any symptoms


MandyD - February 24

Hi Jane...did you have s_x around the time of your ovulation?


dena - February 25

I'm going through something like this. Anything new, Jane? Was it your af or something else.


jane - February 26

I'm still not sure if it's af since it only lasted 2 days. I'm guessing it is since I have no pregnancy symptoms.


ryleigh23 - February 26

I'm Going thriugh the same thing. Made love day before my period was to start. only had it for 2days normally 7. been experincing pregancy sign, going to the doctors. to find out.


tryingat40 - February 28

I also made love around the time my period was supposed to start. I'd been having cramps off and on for a week. It appears AF came today......I still have cramps and AF is light. It makes you crazy doesn't it?


Sara - March 6

exactly the same for me - usually 6 days but only 2. Negative tests so far but have had a few symptoms - any of you had any more news?


worried - March 6

hi all, i was wondering if ne1 can help me, my af was due feb 26th but arrive march 2nd n now it has stopped, well it stopped yesterday march 5th, for the first day it was med flow which is abit unusuak as i normally heavy for the first 3-4 days then lite for the last 2 days.. i have been ill for the past 3days with the flu, had to call the doc last nite, told him that my af had arrived 4days late n i had finished it already but he didnt seem bothered about that, at the moment i cant eat or drink anythin as it makes me sick, doc told me i have a bad case of the flu, very high temp n my heart is beating faster than normal.. he gave me an injection to stop me being sick.. i have been taking cough medicine etc.. i have had all the preggy signs for the past 2weeks.. peein sleepin more, my b___sts were really sore last week but now not that sore, i havent tested yet as i had af,, do u think af was shorter coz i got the flu or could it be implantation bleeding, had s_x on 9th feb ovulated on 11th feb,, would this be to late for implntation bleeding or was it af


bump - March 6



Jazzy - June 21

when is the best time to get preggy , about two days or three after you on your period?


mary - November 12

can you have a period and be pregnet



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