2 False Positives

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elkay - October 19

I took a HPT yesterday morning and it was a faint, but there, positive. I took one this morning, same thing. I had a doc appt today and the pee test there came back negative. I am waiting to hear back about the blood work, but wanted to know if anyone else has had the same thing happen? I have irregular AF and the hubby and I have been ttc for 5 months.


amy - October 19

It might have been an evaporation line check out www.peeonastick.com.. good luck, we are on our 3rd month trying and my af is due today and still hasn't shown..


Jes - Cal - October 19

I had a False positive 3 months ago it was 1 day before my AF. Then 2 days later I had a full b__wn AF! I heard there are things called a chemical pregnancy or it could be an evap line. Hopefully your blood work comes out positive. Good luck to you!! ***BABY DUST***


Alyssa - October 19

Also, doctor pregnancy test (the urine ones not the blood) are sometimes known to be less sensitive. They aren't meant to detect early. Many people have gotten a negative with the doctors urine tests (and positives at home) and then had a blood test that turned out positive. Hope it helps good luck!


elkay - October 19

Thank you ladies. I hope to hear back from the doctor soon. good luck to all of you.


Dionne - October 19

Hi elkay, I had the same thing in August, positives on home preg test and negative with doctors tst. I'd say doctors tsts are less sensitive, had blood tests and I was preggy, hope this helps.


Danielle - October 20

same thing happened to me on monday i had 2 hpt positive went to the doctor there urine was negative but they did a blood one and that was positive i used first response at home so they must be alot more sensetive, i tested at only 12 dpo but my blood work came back normal hcg was 42 on monday and 119 on wed so i would just wait for the blood work good luck



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