2 Months No Period Neg Tests

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Grace - November 12

Hello Ladies... Before I go to the doctor I thought I might ask some advice from people who may know. :0) I have not had my period in two months... I dont really have that many sypmtoms of pregnancy though... my br___ts are not sore, but alot bigger than normal, and my nipples ARE sore. I am extremely tired (which isnt all that odd) But I am so tired all the time that it is actually getting on my nerves. Also Ive been very gasy especially at night. I really havent had a loss of appet_te, but I dont feel like Im eating any differently than normal and I feel extremely bloated ALL the time, especially in my belly. (which is odd because I normally gain weight first in my face). Also, I have taken two home pregnancy tests and they are both negative. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Grace - November 12

Its me again.... I forgot to mention... I just resently got married.... could I have just gotten really really stressed? and maybe I really am eating more than I think and Im just fat?? :0)


Miky - November 13

This is not an answer but I can tell you that I am having similar problems. I am also just comming up for 8 weeks late and getting negative on the tests, I am due my second period like yesterday? I have some symptoms, but am not sure whats going on? Keep me informed! I was sent for a blood test, which I am waiting to get the results of, on Monday. Sorry that I am not that helpful?


Grace - November 13

Miky, thanks for your reply. Let me know how your blood test comes out. ok?


Jo - November 13

Hi Grace. I am in the same position as you. If I don't get it this month (Nov) then it will be 3 months late. But since my cycles are not the same its hard to tell. I feel tired alot, did have headaches, and my belly feels bloated too (maybe I'm getting fatter). My b___bs don't hurt at all. And I only had 3 or 4 instances of nausea but never vomited. I have signs of PMS such as lower back pain, abdominal cramps but never that FRIEND. I feel like a walking blob. I am going to take a test, I just hope they are accurate. I am afraid of getting false positive results. Keep us informed please!


Audrey - November 13

Grace, the symptoms you describe are similar to those of pregnancy, but if home tests show negative then it's possible your hCG levels are not high enough to register. It can happen. A quant_tative blood test by your doc will tell you for sure.


Grace - November 14

Thank you Jo and Audrey for your responses. I am making a doctors appointment on monday...especially because I took a test yesterday morning and the strip in the negative window was bright.... but in the other window there was a really pale grayish line.... so, Im not sure if that was a positive read, or just a mess up on the test. Does anyone know?


Jana - November 14

A faint pink line is considered a positive on alot of the tests... sorry, I'm just a lurker, but I thought I'd let you know.



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