2 Months Late But All Tests Negative

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Rissa - November 29

Okay, So I don't know what to do. I last got my period the first week of October and have not gotten it since. I did have s_x and I believe the condom broke, but I've taken two tests and both came back with a half-answer. It was neither yes nor no. I did, however, has IBS all throughout Nov... could that have made my period wacky?!? And also, yesterday I felt something wet so I thought maybe it was my per (sorry), but it was some disgusting milky discharge! What is that!? Can anyone please help me? I'm not sore or having any morning sickness at all, but today it did feel as though my stomach was burning, but i think that was my ulcer, would that be acting up if i AM pg?? any answers would help so much!!!


Liletia - November 29

Hello I am somewhat in the same boat I haven't had my menstrual since september but I am so scared to go and find out if I am or not. If you have taken test and they came out half then try to take one as soon as you wake up because your Hcg level is the highest and has the most hormone levels in it . Well good luck


zuly - December 1

It sound like you could be pregnant. take a test with the first morning pee. If it still comes back neg go to the D.R. for blood test.Take care


Grandpa Viv - December 1

A clear or creamy discharge is common during pregnancy, sometimes starting very early. Heartburn can result for progesterone affecting the muscles of the digestive tract. Are you not sleeping more than normal, peeing more, or ga__sy? And what do you mean by a half answer on the test. Faint is posiitve. Good luck!


Rissa - December 1

Grandpa Viv, the answer to all of those questions are yes. And by half answer I did mean faint. But I took a third test last night and it came out straight up negative and this morning I got my period. Is there anything else you think could be the matter?


tweetu - December 2

take a hpt , then do an ultrasound, u will c fetal heart beating if u r indeed 8 weeks pregnant!



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