2 Months Late Has Cramps BFN

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Rosebud - June 4

I'm a bit confused. My cycles have almost always been 28 days exactly. Never missed a period in the 13 years I've been having them. I have missed 2 periods, but have BFNs on HPTs. My second period should have come 5 days ago, never had that, but I have been having period-like cramps for over a week. I have been nauseous off and on for about 3 weeks and have headaches/backaches. I don't have insurance and don't have much money as I just graduated college and am looking for a job. I really want to get a blood test. Do they give those at the Health Dept, or should I try to go to a doctor and just pay for it? Also, did anybody else get period-like cramps around 6-9 weeks pregnant? Thanks!


Kathy - June 4

You should be able to get one at Planned Parenthood just explain the problem you have they won't make you pay more than you can afford


jue - June 4

I am 6 weeks pg with my 3rd and have only just got a very faint second line on a hpt, not every woman gets a positive on hpt's for some reason, I saw my dr yesterday and he has booked me in for my first anti natal in 2 weeks time, I have been getting cramps and back ache plus feeling sick to the point of gaging but not throwing up as well as headaches every evening, you really need to get to either pph or something similar asap for yours and the baby's sake. let us know how you get on. :) good luck


Rosebud - June 4

Thanks for the suggestions so far! Jue, do your cramps feel like the cramps you have when you get your period? Because mine feel like that, but I never got my AF.


Gretchen - June 4

If you are 2 months late you should buy a test from the grocery. I bought a test for $7 and it actually gave me 2 tests. The tests were positive for me and I had cramps too.


bump - June 5



Shannon L - June 5

ROSEBUD I am exactly were you are. I'm only 21 haven't had an AF since March I have cramps on and off. My back hurst all the time and I also have headaches, and you can see the blood vanes in my chest. I can't afford to see a doctor. I don't know what to do. If any of you have any information it would help.


Rosebud - June 6

Wow, Shannon L, your period is later than mine. I had my last one on April 5th. I want to try to go to the Health Dept soon. Maybe you should try that, too.


Shannon L - June 6

Rosebud thats what I'm doing tommorrow. I don't think they give a blood test though


Rosebud - June 6

Let me know how that goes and what they do for you. Good luck. Hope you get the answer you want.


jue - June 6

no these felt different than my normal pre af cramps, they didn't make me want a hot water bottle and my mom lol they just let me know that they were there.


sheree - June 6

Hi'ya. i was in similar situation. I came off bcp in feb, had a normal period after 30 days ad the didn't see anything for 80 days. Evenso, i have now started af today. I aloso had cramps, nausea and at first thought i was pg. At least i know now that bcp is all to blame and that its just taken a long time to settle down afterwards. Hopefully the next cycle will be much better (unless i get pg in meantime). I am going to carry on taking Agnus Castus as i do believe that as helped move things along. At least it might have kick started things even though it took a fortnight to do so.


Rosebud - June 6

Jue, yeah my cramps don't feel as bad as period cramps, they are just in the same location and feel like light period cramps. I've never been on birth control, so I know that's not my problem. Shannon L, heard anything yet?


Shannon L - June 6

I called planned parenthood to make sure they do the blood test. They said they do. Its cheaper than my doctor so I'm going in on thursday. They told me they send it off so it would be a few days before you hear anything.


Shannon L - June 6

I have also never taken birth control.


Rosebud - June 6

Shannon, thanks for the info. When I get back home, I'll check that out. Let me know what the results are (if you don't mind) because I'm interested. :)


Shannon L - June 7

Your welcome. I let you know when i hear anything or if af visits. :) Hang in there!



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