2 Months Pregnant But Negative Tests

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worried to death - April 17

I have connections to an ultrasound through friends and I had one done last week. It shows I am in fact pregant. Two months to be exact. yet I can't get a positive pregnancy test or a positive blood test. Quantative if that. Does that mean something is wrong with my baby? The ultrasound looks fine. Please help. I am scared. Also- I have small cramps in lower abdomen after s_x. Is that normal?


louise - April 17

the cramps during s_x are normal but i would refrian from s_x until your past twelve weeks pregnant for the saftey of your baby. many people never recieve an hcg level in their body, you could be one of them. if you are a larger lady it could be a contributing factor. refrian from having s_x and start laying on your left side as you sleep. you should find that s_x during the second trimester is alot more comfortable


Jessi - April 18

how did you figure you are pregnant without getting a positive test? I think that I may be going through the same thing. How far along are you? I was 9 weeks when I finally got a positive first time around.


**leonie** - April 18

i think that my cousin is goin through the exact same thing is it true that not all woman have hcg discreeted into their urine when they are pregnant? that is bizzare


Nicole - June 8

Hey well about laying on your left side. That is not true because your heart is on your left side so it can put pressure on that area. Also, if you have s_x watch out how hard or fast you may be having s_x. That can be a big factor. S_x is a good thing it expands the muscles and can be healthy for everyone but make sure you are careul, slow and dont go very deep and avoid oral and finger use haha. For me it has been since march 1st I last got my period. I am pretty sure i am positive and pregnant. I went to the doc and had tests done they were negative that was 6 weeks ago and i took many tests all negative. I am a heavy set woman so maybe that contributes to the fact it seems impossible to show HCG content. I have an appointment june 14th and the doctor wants to test me for hormone problems and any other factor as to why I may not be pregnant. But it may show i am. I am going to deman an ultrasound however v____al or regular i need to know. I have never missed my period this long. If i am I am lucky i have not had really any symptoms. I have been real tired and mood swings and cramping every once in awhile and I felt a flutter a few weeks ago about 2 weeks ago on my lower right side of my lower tummy almost on my right ovary. It felt like a b___terfly i feel movement every once inawhile but anymore it seems routine and cant really distinguish gas or a movement. I will find out for sure in a week but wont settle until i have a definate NO if pee test says no if blood says no again I want ultrasound if that says no than i know for sure. I can see it to believe but then i will think i am menopausing which would suck because i am just turning 21 this sunday the 12th I have a step daughter from my husbands previous marriage so we know he is working and we have been trying to concieve since I married him. I have been buying baby things and diapers and have everything picked out for boy or girl and colors and everything this is my dream. I am going to school and will finish in a year with dental a__sisting and he has a good career and asl i want to do is be a 9-5 and then a house mom and we are going for custody of brianna my step child which i love as my own daughter she is 7 so i am just hoping crossing my fingers and just want to be a mommy so bad. well wish me luck I need it. Thanks everything will be fine and just always go to th doc if any problem. also can anyone tell me if they have ever gotten like a vibrating feel like in the middle of the torsoe inside it feels like a flow of vibration from middle of the shoulder blades to the middle of the tummy uoi can feel it in your back mostly but sort of just in the middle I am thinking it might be a pregnancy thing. I have also developed a double chin which I never had before so i think that is swelling i hope if not it is time for some excercise like now hahhaha bye ladies talk to you soon :)


MedicGirl - June 8

A correction about Nicole's post.....Sleeping on the left side displaces the uterus so it does not compress the large blood vessels (the aorta and vena cava). This optimizes blood flow to the placenta and, therefore, the baby. It also helps prevent swelling in the mother's legs. As far as s_x during pregnancy, in most cases, it's safe to continue to make love throughout the pregnancy, but this is something all couples should confirm with their doctor. Your body is changing and s_x maybe uncomfortable during this period of the first trimester. It is not unheard of for one's body to not produce enough Hcg to show up on a urine or blood test. It does not mean that anything is wrong with your baby. A girlfriend of mine in particular didn't receive confirmation from a blood test until 4 months and her baby was perfectly healthy:-) Make an appointment with your Doctor as soon as possible to discuss any further concerns that you may have. Good Luck and keep us posted!


Helen - June 8

FYI--- a friend of mine cannot get a possitive on a urine or blood test, but she is indeed 6 months preggo (you can see her belly) and the Dr told her she has a tyroid problem, which cause her to get negatives on a the test....Maybe this will help some of you, tyroid deff. is very common!!!!


to worried to death - June 8

What bodily changes did you have that lead yout to believe that you were pregnant? I'm going through something very similar myself!


TTC - ONE MONTH - June 8

I have yet to receive a BFP, but I think I am preggo. I had a pap done. What does a "pink and thin cervix" mean? Is this good, bad or normal? The doctor's are doing a quant_tive blood test. I have not heard results, yet.


jesskiss718 - June 19



Naomi98 - June 19

This thread died 3 years ago. And no, you don't sound pregnant.



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