2 Neagatives And Still No Period Am I Pregnant

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Trying Torontonian - September 13

I am recently married and my husband and I are trying to conceive. I have been using an ovulation calculator and was ovulating June 13th to th 18th, we made love at least once per day during this time. My period was due on June 29th but I was too excited to wait, so I bought a test from "First Response" that said you can do it 4 days BEFORE your expected period but it was negative, now I am three days late for my period and I have somesymptoms of pregnancy (possibly in my head??) so I did another pregancy test first thing this morning and still getting a negative response. I have slight cramping but still no signs of a period. Any answers out there?? Please help!


Padmini - July 13

I had similar experience. I had four test of negative resukts. Better to go for a medical examination rather than this tests


bbygyrlk - July 13

Sweetie, it is not all in your head, you may actually be pregnant. Your HCG levels may be too low for the HPT to detect. Just relax, and act as if you are pregnant for now (no smoking, drinking, etc..) then test again. Please come back and update us on the result. Good Luck!!!


Jayne - July 17

Hey, I'm in the exact same boat but have tested 4 times and still it's negitive. My period is now one week late. Let me know what happened.


taja - July 24

I am in the same boat, I am four days late. I took a pregnancy test two days ago and it was negative. I am not bloating, or showing any signs of starting except my b___sts are sensitive. Please help?


Jenni - July 25

The best way to put all your minds at rest go to your Gp and do a blood test. Good luck though i know how you feel, as my huspand and i are trying to conceive and i have signs but i don't know if it's all in my head. But rather than driving yourself insane do the test. That's what i am doing.


ateh - July 25

hey there, blood test is more accurate. good luck


Shannon - July 28

Wow...I'm so glad there are people out there like me...I was starting to think I might be CRAZY, my husband and I are trying too...I'm 4 days late with neg. test results and the only symptoms I've had are sore b___bs. I hope to know SOMETHING soon.


Sari - July 29

I think you should definitely go to the Dr.'s office and get a blood test. When we first started trying to get pregnant, I had a similar experience. I used a 4-day early test and the results were negative. Then, I tested again and still negative. One more time and there was a VERY VERY faint line - we thought we were going cross-eyed trying to see it. I went to the Dr.'s office & found out I was pregnant with our wonderful little son. He's four months old now & I have not been nursing for over a month but still no period yet. And Guess what? My pregnancy test was negative but I don't know if I can trust it. Any advice?


Barbara - August 3

I am in a similar situation. I have been trying to get pregnant for five years. This is the first time I have been more than a day late. I am now four days late and have tested two times with negative results. I feel a little crampy and have sore b___sts. My husband thinks I have worried myself into not starting. I figure I will give it a full week and make an appointment for a blood test. It' s nice to know I'm not alone.


amanda - August 3

i'm 11 days late now and i've done 2 tests which have come up negative, i've got sore b___bs and feel absolutley knackered, any answers out there, please help


Liss - August 4

I am in the same situation :( 10 days late and two negative test. I dont know what to do :/ this is horribleeee i wish so much that baby. I dont wanna think i am pregnant when i am not. This is driving me crazy


Megan - August 4

Im anxious to find out if any of you found out whether or not you pregnant or not. I am 13 weeks pregnant with my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy I had the same problem as some of you I had the symptoms, some spotting and lots of cramping and a week went by and still neg results, finally i got a positive but it turns out I miscarried. However with this pregnany, I used a first response pregnancy test and got positive results 3 days early and had lots of cramping and was worried i was miscarrying again but it was just ligaments stretching preparing for the baby, and everything is just fine with this pregnany. My only advice to you all is just to get the blood test done, its accurate and can tell you results sooner than a pregnancy test can.


Nicole - August 4

I am having the same thing happening, except I had my annual examine 4 days after my period was supose to start. My doctor gave me a pregnancy test and it was negative. It is now 2 weeks late and I took another pregnancy test and it was negative. I have never had a problem with my period before and it is driving me insane....does anyone have any idea what is going on??


Nicki - August 11

I have a similar thing. I am 7 days late, I have done 1 test and it was negative. I still have no period and have sore b___sts and my stomach is bloated. I am going to do another test in 3 days time and if it is still negative I will get a blood test from the doctor's.


Monica - August 11

I am going through the same thing. We are trying to concieve and I am only a day late and have tested negative. I have noticed that my areolas are bigger, the montgomery tuberciles seem to be bigger and in greater numbers. I will be so disappointed if we aren't pregnant. I was wondering as well "am I just convincing myself I am pregnant therefore not starting my period". I am just sitting here feeling every little ache, pain, gas bubble, running to check if I started every few minutes. It is driving me crazy.


ALABRY - August 12

I am also in the same boat. My mp is 18 days late. Four hpt have showed negative results. I guess the only thing to do now is have a blood test.



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