2 Normal Periods Yet Pregnant

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Emma - February 8

this is my second month of pregnancy, and today my second normal period came! it's the same flow, colour, everything! i didn't think this was possible? there are no clots or pain, and i'm assured things are fine, but how normal this is?


tf - February 8

I've heard many cases of this and their babies were fine. Just curious, did a hpt show positive since you are still having normal periods?


Emma - February 8

hi tf, no it took a blood test to confirm, urine test there came back neg, as did hpt, my doctor says that my hormone levels are still low and that may be why my period's have continued the way they have. it's all so confusing! good luck if you're ttc x


beth - February 9

hi Emma. I'm just wondering what convinced you to see the doctor and have a blood test done if the hpt's were negative. I also feel pregnant, but had my period a couple of weeks ago.


deb - February 9

Hey emma, my boss said she had a cycle thru most of her pregnancy and everything was fine. Some women do have a cycle thru the whole pregnancy which is a ripe cause that's one of the few benefits of being pregnant. Anyway, just check with the doc and see what he/she thinks.


? for Emma or anyone - February 10

For the past few months I have had shorter and lighter periods but all the hp tests have been negative. Is there any for sure sign that I could be pregnant so I could ask my doctor for a blood test without the doctor thinking I'm crazy?


bump - February 10



Becky - February 12

I have the same question... my urine tests have been neg...but have had shorter/lighter periods twice and a ton of symptoms that have lasted the whole time. (shorter being one day of med/light bleeding and then spotting for a couple days).


same boat - February 13

Hey Becky, I am in the same boat as you it sounds like. I was due for my period on Feb 1st. But I didn't get anything until Feb 5th-Feb11th. The whole time, I had a really light, brown with some brown discharge mixed in. It was too light to go onto a pad. I normally have a normal, heavy at first, then light period, but this was nothing like that. I have some prego symptoms but all tests have come back negative. Was your period the same? I will take any input/suggestions. Thanks!!


Becky - February 14

To my new friend riding this frustrating boat: My bleeding started Sat. just before noon and lasted the whole day, though I only used two pads (neither were full though), and was NOT as heavy as my normal first day. Was more medium, but got lighter as the day went on. It was very little in the late evening/overnight, flowed a little more the next morning, but was very light/spotting for the rest of the day. First day was a mixture of brown, pink, and red blood (weird, huh). Though it was more brown and pink today (the second day). I am merely spotting now. Though I was nauseas BOTH days at verying points throughout the day, more so the second day (even as I type). And I have been noticing more spider veins/blue veins on my chest both days. So, maybe it was heavy implantation bleeding and I got the nausea from the hormones right away... greaaaaat... :-\ :-p


Emma - February 14

hi beth, deb, and everyone else... i went to the doctors because even though hpt's came back neg i had every pregnancy symptom under the sun! it's ridiculous! inbetween my periods the symptoms continued where as normally they'd disappear a couple of days later. "?" your doctor won't think you're crazy for asking for a blood test, i basically demanded one and look what happened! so glad i did that. you should do the same if you're in the same boat, better to be safe than sorry. good luck to all xx


bump - February 15



Jackie - February 15

I am sort of in the same situation... I have had my period the last 2 months, and it was not quite the same as usual...HPTs were negative at 4 and 6 weeks, so I just a__sumed that I wasnt pregnant...I havent had many symptoms, but have been very emotional and tired all the time. And the reason I think I still am pregnant (I would be going on 10 weeks this Thursday) is because none of my jeans are fitting anymore-and they are only getting tighter in the stomach area. I cant even suck in my stomach...I work out 5 days a week and am on a very strict diet, so I dont understand what is going on..I am just having such a hard time believing thatI could be pregnant and still have my period!!! Please help, am I crazy?


Bonnie - February 15

Hey Becky Have you taken a test lately? I have major veins on my chest too. I am going to wait until this weekend to test again. I read at a web site that you can have spotting around the time of your expected period during the first month. who knows. keep me updated, i will do the same!


stingfan - February 15

I took a preg test jan 25th, got a neg result and my period was due and came on the 26th. It lasted only one full day but seemed like a regular period starting. So I tested again on Feb 9th and I am preggo. I don't know why I had the "mini" period.


Maren - February 15

Was your cm or cervical position any different after the "periods"?


Becky - February 16

Bonnie, I am going to test tomorrow morning (well, today since it's after 12). I am also scheduled for a blood test next week, and I have one more test left in the pack i bought in case this one is negative... With so many things that I've heard lately, I'm not putting to much trust in the home tests :-p



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