2 Postives 1 Negative And Then A Positive

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IsabellasMommy - June 19

Hi ladies. First I want to wish each of you baby dust. Last Thursday, when I was 3 days late, I took 2 pregnancy tests (both mid day and from different urine samples) and got 2 very bright and quick positives. It scared me, but at the same time got me really excited. Well, I went to a clinic to get tested again instead of making an appointment with my doctor (I don't have insurance and my doctor is kind of expensive). Well, the clinic doesn't do blood tests or anything fancy, just your regular urine test. Well, this one was done first thing in the morning and came back negative. This shocked me more because how could I have had 2 positives mid day and a negative in the morning?! Well, I bought another hpt on my way home from work the same day and took it when I got home (around 8pm). This one a digital one that came back pregnant. Well, I had called my doctor and told them what had happened and they sent me for blood work today. I'm supposed to get a call in the morning but wanted to know if this had happened to any of you and what the outcome was. Sorry this was long and thanks!!!


SarahBethT - June 19

Wow I dont know. Let us know what the Dr. says. That's weird!


E586467 - June 19

My doctor told me that you will NEVER get a false positive if you got the result within the time frame (usually 5-10mins) & your not on any fertility drugs. If your hcg levels are unusually high it can produce a 'hook' effect, which means because the levels were so high the preg test didn't pick it up & produced a false negative, which could be because first morning urine was used. Usually FMU gives best results but some women get better results using urine at other times of the day. Let us know the results.


eclipse - June 19

I was always led to understand from working in the medical field that there are two kinds of urine tests they use. There is the basic one that isn't as sensitive and are mostly used in doctor's offices and such, and there are the super duper sensitive ones that can detect pregnancy 4-6 days after conception that they use before dangerous procedures like surgeries. I think the clinic probably used the first one. Blood will be much more accurate. I am going to go ahead and say Congratulations to you, because I think you are definitely pregnant. :D


Stardust - June 19

It sounds very much like you are pregnant, I hope the blood test confirms this :) Let us know when you find out and good luck! :)


dannygirl4you - June 19

That is weird let us know what your dr says and Good Luck


newbaby2009 - June 19

This exact thing happened to me. I tested positive at home and negative at the clinic. The lady said it was because their tests test at a much higher level to completelt rule out false positives. This is baecause mos people who test at the clinic go on to aply for state aide so they want to be sure they are actually pregnant. I went back a week later and tested positive when my levels were higher.


mommyofdkt - June 19

Sounds to me like you have a baby in your belly! Congrats!


diamond8026 - June 19

Yes that has happened to me this month! I came on my period but before then I took a test and it came out positve( I took Two) and then I came on and paid no attention to it should. What did you test results say? Should I make a doctors appt?


IsabellasMommy - June 19

Thanks for the comments ladies. I was worried about it until I got the call from the doctors. Actually I was at work when they called, so I had to return the call. The doctor said that the results came in and that I am pregnant. :) And they want me to repeat the blood work again tomorrow. I'm not sure if that's just to track the hcg levels to make sure they are going up. Which leads me to think that I ovulated late and I'm not as far along as I think I am. Ohh well, at least everything turned out good! Diamond, did both tests show positive or just one? You might consider testing again at home first. Thank you ladies!! Baby dust to each of you!!


eclipse - June 20

I'm so happy for you!!! Congratulations! (again, haha)


diamond - June 23

Congratulations!!!!!!! And yes I did take two and they both were positve but then I came on.



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