2 Tests One Positive One Negative

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rhamel - July 4

Well I tested this morning with my sensitive internet cheapie test, and got a faaaaaaaint positive. So I got out my first response and used the same fmu and it was a bfn. I was really hoping that since the test strip I got off the internet was positive that the first response would work also but it didn't. Should I use my digital clear blue test tomorrow morning or wait two days and use it in the morning? I don't want to waste it because that's the one I want to take a picture of and show everyone back home IF indeed I am pregnant.


pueppschen - July 4

o rhamel, i m so happy for you. i wud suggest wait a couple of days then test, may be by then ur hcg levels are high and start showing. all the best. :)


laura8 - July 4

a positive is a positive! congrats!!! by the way, when i got my bfp, i was getting dark lines with every other test on the market and a faint one with first response. they are not as sensitive as they claim to be, just expensive! good luck!


Emma2 - July 4

Hold on a sec? How did you use the same Urine?


rhamel - July 4

I peed into a cup, you have to with test strips I have


Emma2 - July 4

Oh okay thats what I was thinking but wanted to confirm. SOme tests are as sensitive and dont show a true result until later one. I would suggest taking "fact plus" it is very good and worked for me at 12 dpo.


rhamel - July 4

well see the thing is I can't afford to buy another test, I have a left over clear blue digital from last cycle, what I really want to do is go to the doctor and get a blood test my husband is in the army and we have tricare prime so as long as i go to the hospital on post it would be completely free, but today being the fourth of july i think i'd have to wait until tomorrow anyways. I just don't know how long it will take for them to get me in or if they would even give me an appointment since I'm only 10dpo af isn't even due for another 4 days lol. I really don't want to waste the clear blue digital test because I can't afford to spend any more money on tests... maybe I could use another test strip tomorrow morning and if it's noticibly darker then i should take the digital test?


Emma2 - July 4

Wow !!! 10 dpo is way too early to start testing. I know its hard to wait but hun you really need to wait until 12 dpo .


rhamel - July 4

lol i know it's too early, it's funny as i was picking out one of my 5 internet cheapie tests to take I was thinking why am I testing today... I know it's going to be negative and if i take one a day until they are gone my last one would be when i am only one day late anyways, but I felt really weird cramping on 6dpo like little bolts of electricity, and then yesterday 9dpo my b___bs started being really sore and heavy, and then i took the test this morning and the second line did show up within the first minute, even though it is faint it's definitly there even when i hold it a couple feet away i can still see the line. the test claims to detect hcg at levels of 5-20.


Mrs.Steve - July 4

I think you're pg, Rhamel!!!!!!!!


Mrs.Steve - July 4

I tested with First Response and 10, 11 and today at 12 dpo...BFN. I'm having symptoms, but they're the same as af. Af isn't due until Thurs. Maybe I tested too early?


timbits - July 4

rhamel, I would wait until you are officially late for AF before using the clearblue digitial. I know they are very expensive and it would be terrible if you used it too soon and wasted money for nothing.


Rhonda - July 4

You are pregnant rhamel,congratulations.Apositive is a positive.I got my bfp at 11dpo.


BrendaW - July 5

Congradulations Rhamel!


rhamel - July 5

mrs steve, i am boycotting first response, i think you should test with a dollar tree test


timbits - July 5

This dollar tree test sounds good but there are no dollar tree stores where I live.



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