2 Week Wait Starting From NOW

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sugar - November 10

so today is 2dpo i feel very normal and BD'd at the perfect times. God its so hard waiting. I am waiting for the next few days when i start obsessing about every part of my body and yet i don't know if there will even be any signs at all. It's going to go soooo slow. Anyone want to wait. xxxxx


poechrisk - November 10

Tell me about it! The wait is just murder! I'm 5 or 6 dpo today, but I started having strange symptoms yesterday. So, of course I spent allllll day researching my symptoms, and more of the same today. I wish I could take a test now, but I'm going to have to wait. We've been ttc for 6 months now and this is the first month I've had symptoms. So I'm trying to take that as a good sign. Then I tell myself, well most women don't experience symptoms this early, so why would you? My mind just keeps jumping back and forth. I'm wishing you all the luck!


janda - November 10

I am with you on the long wait! I am having some mild sypmtoms and took an EPT...was negative...still have till the 14th! Good luck! I'll be waiting too!


kalibby - November 10

im also 8 dpo all i can say is watch your bodies carefully ladies ive been showing signs for the past 3 days tender b___sts discharge cramping nausea this will be my 5th pregnancy i know the signs and this is it now its just waiting untill a urine test will show im too anxious good luck ladies


Hoping1 - November 10

Hi everyone! I am 6 dpo if I am counting right. I have had lots of cm lately, and a sore lower back. Can't test until Thursday. The wait is so hard! Any thoughts?


MAC_33 - November 10

Hi Ladies, I'm waiting too...5dpo. I know that it's too early for symptoms but I had the strangest feeling in my pelvis...a dull centralized ache started last night but then I had several pinches in the upper right side all morning...that's all gone now though, hmm can't explain that. I've had a runny nose all day but the weather's turning cold now so maybe that's causing the runny nose. My cm is getting kinda chunky too...like when I touch the tip of my cervix and then look at my finger the cm has some very thin solid pieces (almost like a thin layer of film) in with the lotiony cm. idk it's all so hard to explain.


trdnnclk - November 11

Afternoon ladies is ok to join you? Im 2dpo today and for the last two days nausea, backache, bloated, stuffy nose, skin break out. Is it to early for these sort of symptoms. I hate the 2WW it takes to long. When is everyone due AF?


poechrisk - November 11

You're more than welcome, TRDNNCLK! I hate the 2ww too! I'm 6 dpo today. Woke up with a stuffy nose, so that in addition to my other symptoms might be a good sign. My AF is due the 22. I have along LP. But I know I can't wait that long. I'm going to test on the 19. That's 14 dpo. Hopefully I would get a BFP by then! What about you?


trdnnclk - November 11

I have PCOS, my AF is due anytime from 25th November, i also have a long LP. How long have you been trying?


poechrisk - November 11

We've been ttc for 6 months. I know there are people who have been trying longer, but this has been the longest 1/2 year. We're both so young (I'm 23, dh is 28) I thought when we first started trying it would just happen! Guess I was wrong. How about you?


trdnnclk - November 11

We've been trying for 5yrs (im 29, DH 33) we found out in april that i have PCOS and DH has a very low sperm count (463 not even a million) we're having IVF in spring but we thought we will still try on our own but we have IVF to fall back on if we cant. Do you have any children?


poechrisk - November 11

Now I feel badly, complaining about 6 months. No kids yet. I don't really know anything about PCOS other than it has to do with cysts. I hope you can conceive naturally, but I've heard wonderful success stories with IVF. I've been doing more research bout early pg symptoms, and from a lot of what I've read, most of these early symptoms are caused by progesterone, not HCG at first. So, it's completely possible to experience some of these symptoms. Because immediately after conception progesterone levels shoot way up! I hope these are good signs for us!


MAC_33 - November 12

Hey Ladies, feeling anything?


trdnnclk - November 12

Hi. Im about two or three dpo, im feeling sick on/off all day, upset tummy, b___b tender on/off through the day, bloated, face has broken out for the last week. Please feel free to look at my chart. home/trdnnclk


sugar - November 12

Wow you all have so many sympotoms. I am 4 dpo and nothing yet. Not sure how i should be feling to be honest. Im eating healthily and not drinking and just going please please please in my head all day. xxxx


mjvdec01 - November 12

I wouldn't worry about no feeling any symptoms, i had none with my first pregnancy until I tested positive. Also, 4dpo is too early, the egg doesn't even implant in most women until 6dpo. Does this help?


sugar - November 12

thankyou it helps lots!!! You just read all these people swear they feel something from 2dpo and you think no i feel nothing it hasn't happened. xxxx



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