2 Week Wait Starting From NOW

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sugar - November 12

thankyou it helps lots!!! You just read all these people swear they feel something from 2dpo and you think no i feel nothing it hasn't happened. xxxx


mjvdec01 - November 12

So you know, I am 9dpo and just starting to think that maybe I am noticing small things. last night I had veins showing on my bb's, and for the last couple of days the veins in my lower abdomen, hips and thighs are very very noticable. I also have underarm discomfort, but I had that the last two months as well. Who knows? Maybe I am maybe I'm not, only the next 5 days will tell.


kalibby - November 12

hi guys im now 11 days dpo all cramping has stopped but yesterday after i went to the toilet i wiped and had a pink discharge but no more after that do you think that could be implantation bleeding my b___b are still sore and i am so bloated


Tarianna - November 12

Hi girls, I decided to join. I think I ovulated on saturday, severe cramping and then the ewcm that night, we bd when I noticed the cm...so that makes me 3 dpo as of tuesday morning! I know I'm alot farther behind you guys but I just thought I would let you all know that I was joining you all. Now on another note..........I have a dr's appointment with my ob/gyn on the 19th.... because my cycles have been so heavy each month, and this past month I spotted for almost 14 days...so she wants to do a blood test to see if I am pregnant....but since me and dh think that I might have ovulated on saturday that I might not be pregnant, but since I will be like 9 dpo and it being the week of thanksgiving....he wants meto wait, but I know how my drs office works, she will see me, and give me the paperwork in the office and tell me to get the blood test asap...never a set time. So is this a stupid idea to wait until the following monday which would make me 2 days late for my period and do the test then..... that way if I am preggo this month not ALREADY preggo...it would show up. Is that crazy of me to even think? I think I might have met a lady or two of you from another post and I wasn't planning on ttc but we decided *what the heck* here we go. lol, I guess since I kept thinking on and off that I might be dh decided just hwatever happens happens, so I take that as we are ttc. lol


sugar - November 16

So now it's 8dpo and i still don't think i feel really any different. I'm weeing more but honestly i think im drinking more. I don't normally wake up needing a wee but have done the past few days. I normally have like creamy lotiony cm in the weeks b4 af but this month it's just constant watery feeling down there. It's like water. I heard this is a sign of af but this has been happening since a couple days after O and also im not due for af yet. This is all i feel. Nothing that everyone else is saying they have. Started to feel very sad like it really isnt going to happen to me. I just don't understand why it wouldn't. I BD'd on all the right days and im young and healthy. xxxx



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