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gina - November 2

I am two weeks late on my period and I've taken two pregnancy tests and both have come up negative-I want to know if anything can disguise or counteract somehow with the hormome levels and make it show up negative?


Heather - November 2

I heard if you drink too many fluids, it can dilute your urine, suppose to do it first thing in the morning. I am also 2 weeks late and went for my blood test today because pregnancy tests were negative. Or if youre like me, you ovulate late and you could be pregnant just not as far as you think! Any symptoms?


Lauren - November 2

I have the same thing going on.... my doc said to wait until I'm a full 2 weeks late on my period and then test again with a hpt, if still neg. then come in for blood work.


Ashley - November 3

I have the exact same thing. I am a 8 days late. Took a test and it was negative. My doctor told me to take another on Saturday (WAITING IS DEATH). He said I sounded preg. with little symptoms. I may go in for blood work when I hit the two week mark if af hasn't come and i still feel tired and sick to my stomach.


looking for answers - November 3

I'm a month late. I had a Neg at 8 days late for Af and 19 days late for Af. I'm not too sure what is happening withme. But I go to the doctors on NOvember 8 I hope this answers all my questions. Today it feels like Af is coming. I've noticed that my cm is always looking like the EWCM for the last to months and I'm always wet down there. Good luck to everyone and hope you all are PG


Julie - November 3

Hi ladies, you may have ovulated later than you think. If you are under any stress at all, it will throw off when you ovulate. If by any chance you are temping, you would be able to see if you have ovulated. I was supposed to get af on 10/9/05, but due to temping and stressing myself out, I ovulated 10/21/05 - 11 days after af showed have shown, I am now on the 2 ww and dying. Hope this helps.


Lauren - November 3

Julie- that does help. My doctor did say that I could have ovulated late which could be why the hpt's are still showing up negative. I'll be going for blood work sometime next week.


Jessica - November 3

Julie - Good luck to you during your tww, hope you get a BFP. Today I make 13 days late. af was due on 10/21 and I have no clue what's going on with my body. I thought I o'd on time, then I thought I might've O'd when af was due. I've been taking hpts and they're all coming out negative also....


looking for answers - November 3

So Stress can move o time back. That sounds good forme. I hope this happened to me. Can stress push it back 2 weeks also. So I could be about a month PG. This info is so exciting for me


looking for answers - November 3

How is everyone doing?


Julie - November 3

Thank you ladies, I am hoping for BFP for everyone this month. To looking for answers: stress can make you o a month later. You know what you can do, you can ask your doctor to find out if you ovulated this month. The blood work measures your LH levels and it can tell you if you have ovulated. Good luck.



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