2 Weeks Late And BFN

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Marie - March 27

We have been trying to conceive for the past 26 months and up until now have been very unsuccessful. I am nearing the end of my 14th day of no AF and hoping like craxy I am preggers....I did an early response test when I was 2 days late and this showed a faint positive, but all the other tests I have done since have been negative. It took nearly 9 weeks to show up with my son and if I was pregnant I would be around 6 and half weeks now. I had mild AF type cramps around expected AF and backache, itchy br___ts and nipples for a few days, network of green veins running through my br___ts and areola's (sorry about spelling if incorrect) and they have grown. Needed to go to the toilet alot more and generally feeling different. I have done 2 clearblue digital tests now and both have said 'not pregnant', but once the cartridge was ejected there was a dark blue line and a faint blue line - has this happened to anyone else before and they turned out to be preggers???


Marie - March 27

I nearly forgot that I have also had LOADS of milky lotion type CM. I know usually leading upto AF I am very dry, but sometimes I feel so damp that I think AF has showed up and she hasn't!! Sorry to be so graphic, but I guess were all on here charting these things and hoping for the same outcome :0)


Canadian Cindy - March 27

Hi Marie - I have seen this question before and thought I would share this website with you. www.peeonastick.com.. it basically says that you cant go by the lines when you use the digital..that people have shown pregnant in the digital part wtih one line as well as two .. keep me posted , I will be three weeks late tomorrow...lol... what fun !


jena - March 28

if i were you i'd try to get a blood test - they are so much more accurate and can tell you the levels of hCG in your blood so you know if you are preggo, how far, and if it is a viable pregnancy... good luck!



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